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  • hammyuk

    Gloworm X2 – the best customer service, cracking kit and tiny!

    Premier Icon senor j

    I have a lumentator – really happy with it .

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    A friend’s just asked about bike lights. £120 not too much if that gets him something good.

    Any reason why I shouldn’t tell him to get a Lumenator? I decided that was the best bang for my buck when I bought mine this time last year, but have things moved on?



    I too have a lumenator – only a few rides, but seems really good and the company seems to be run by a thoroughly nice chap. The battery is quite big – best to mount in the frame, but run times are massive.

    Pair this up with a spotlighty one off of Amazon (mine was marketed as an ultrafire SSC P7!), and you have a perfect combo.

    Think of the lumenator on the bars as a sort of terrain-follwing radar, picks up everything with a wide sweep.

    Then think of the helmet light as a kind of ‘missile lock’ – a bit brighter, but very focussed, and pointing exactly where you want it.

    This is the ideal set-up IMO.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I duplicate dannyh’s description although use my helmet mounted.

    On the Bonty 24/12 recently, mine was being overshadowed by others and I started to get a bit dispondant – until I realised I was getting the breadth of the beam for 3 and a half hours per charge versus a spot for 90 minutes.

    Once my eyes had dialled in to its use in wider trials than I’m used to I’m still very happy with it.

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