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  • Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Currently running Ay-Ups (approx. 2 years old) and a Magicshine thing on my road bike (training not commuting). I normally just have the Ay-Ups on but turn the Magicshine on for dodgy roads or fast descents as the Ay-Ups don’t give me enough warning. But it’s a bit of a faff so looking to replace with a single light.

    From what I can see though decent lights are mostly designed for MTBing and have a flood beam which isn’t great on the road (I don’t want to dazzle an on-coming driver and have them swerve into me :p ). Any ones sold as with road specific beams tend to lack lumens.

    I think I’ve narrowed it down to either getting an Exposure 6-pack + remote switch (so I can ride normally on medium setting and easily switch to full for dodgy sections, and even down to low for on-coming cars). Or the other alternative of trying the new Ay-Ups (they finally have a custom option now to so rather than my dual intermediate current lights I’d get a narrow + intermediate). This would be half as much as the Exposure (even less if I didn’t buy another battery) but I’m concerned it still wouldn’t be bright enough to give me enough confidence on fast descents.

    Anyone have any experience with either (on the road) or is there a better alternative? Key thing is I want lots of light out to about 20m and some throw out to about 50m but without a flood beam.

    Premier Icon trout

    convert the ayups to XPE with narrow reflectors for about £25

    and wait for my new xml light

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    I did mean to follow up a while ago when you posted about an Ay-Up upgrade kit. Are you still offering this as a service (if so any idea how long it would take) or if not do you sell the kit/instructions? Sounds like it might be a good first test.

    New XML light sounds interesting, any more details (single/dual beam, reflectors, mount options, lumens, battery life, availability, price etc.).


    Troutie, how easy is the conversion? Something you can offer? I can weild a soldering iron OK, but don’t want to risk my lights welbeing 🙄


    How about one of these?


    (I don’t want to dazzle an on-coming driver and have them swerve into me :p ).

    I use my Light & Motion Seca 1400’s on the road and off, I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with people swerving into me 😉 In fact on my 15 mile country lane commute it’s very rare that drivers don’t slow down or stop completely when they see me coming ( I do take care to adjust the beam down and slightly to the left when I’m on the road).


    I use an Exposure Strada (Strada as in road…), it has a remote switch and cycles between dipped and full beam.
    600 lumens is pretty bright but I probably wouldn’t give it full beans down an unlit hill. On the flat it’s fine.

    I’m flashed by cars all the time when on the road bike using a Magicshine. I often point it down when on busy roads but some of the pot holed North Somerset lanes require the beam to throw further ahead and I then forget to point back down or just can’t safely do it. To be honest I’ve checked out the glare are it’s no worse that a 4×4 with xenons but the drivers dont like a lowly cyclist having light brighter than theirs.
    I was thinking about getting a Exposure Strada which has a remote for next winter as 90% of my night riding is on road

    Premier Icon trout

    Fuzzy and smuzzy

    its fairly easy when you have done one it gets easier .
    yes I am still doing conversions of various ilks .and next time I do a set of ayups I must do a video how too .

    no details on xml yet still testing various optics
    though John climber has the first proto double on his helmet .

    various piccies here

    Premier Icon trout

    I had some poor soul stop and that was before they came round the corner and saw me but was testing a triple and a double XML so well over 4000 lumens . 😯

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    The only people who flash me are 4×4 drivers. I just switch the power up.

    I ride a Lumicycle LED3 (not XPG – prev version) with a spot beam. It’s perfect for commuting on unlit roads, and I rarely switch it above medium (c300 lumens).

    Lumi now do an “i” version, which has a hood on the lamp unit to limit the straying of the beam.


    could try the official ayup conversion


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