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  • eskay

    If you are on a budget then you will be hard pushed to beat one (or two) of these:


    lighter nights are just around the corner?


    I think the XML LED units are a lot of light for not a lot of money, but the lamp/reflector design has a lot to do with the overall output – as they can have a very ‘spotty’ beam (very little spread, not the best). Either way this ‘late’ in the season I’d suggest you ‘try’ a single unit for your head, unless your planning some late late nights, early morning usage (or 12 hr races). One unit will be enough to get you started and you can decide if you want a ‘better’ or extra light for your bars before next autumn.

    There are lots of better units out there, over a single XML LED lamp, but seemingly the normally very competitively priced MJ-872 has gone mad, as there no way I’d spend £125 on one, as per ebay pricing (check out the fluxient 4xR5 clones). Inton used to sell a MJ-880 replica, which my friend has & is the most awesome light I’ve ever seen (output wise) though is too heavy for anything other than bar useable

    Little lost on what the difference between the C&B 1000/1200 unit are, other than the price (and CBA to investigate) as they use exactly the same LED (not to say it’s impossible to achieve).

    I’m looking at getting some lights for night rides. Been meaning to get some for ages abut have never got round to it.

    What lights do people recommend?

    C&B Seen look cheap, will i need two lights, one for bike and one for helmet?

    Should the helmet light be smaller to reduce weight?

    Was thinking 1200 Lumen for the bike, and 1000 lumen for the helmet?

    what ya think?


    Took up night riding about 16 months ago, bought two bog standard Magicshine 1000 lumen single lamps (808E) with standard batteries. Put one on the bars the other on a helmet mount. Theyre relatively cheap, work brilliantly, had no issues whatsoever and if you do need parts then replacement bits are pretty reasonable so its not the end of the world.

    Thanks for the advice, Ive bought one of these:

    Will let you know whow it goes….


    I have one, there used to be problems with the chargers but they have redesigned it and improved the connector. They are bloody bright and the cheapest by a country mile.

    Premier Icon variflex

    for build quality, output and something that will last, I reckon the best kit at the moment is the Gloworm X1 and X2. Their bundled price if you buy both is very good.

    Ive got the X1 on the lid and its perfect, but you do need something for the bars. Alternatively a friend of mine runs the X2 on the lid with no bar light and its very very good. – speak to danny, excellent chap.

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