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  • oblique

    looks like I might be roped into doing some 24hr races this year so need some lights but don’t really have much to spend on them. I was looking at the Ay-up set but that has disappeared off the website. Are they clearing stock for a new ’09 light or are they just out of stock. are there any others that would be worth looking at?

    I need decent battery life and like the idea of a head and bar mount combo.

    Is it worth trying to pick up a second hand set at the moment?




    ay up are going back to australian dealer only; should be able to order then to the uk though.

    second hand could be good; but no waranty; the prices often stay high as they are in demend. woth doing a wtd though.

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    3 tesco torches and a hand full of batteries?!?!



    If your on a budget a decent torch wouldnt be too bad.

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    Shocked no one has mentioned –

    wait for it.

    P7 (the torch, not the bike)


    So everyone recommends buying a torch from America and bodging it to my bars and the carrying a load of batteries around with me to swap in and out of the torch mid lap?

    That really don’t sound like the robust 24 hr lighting system i had in my head when i made this post. Has any-one got any recommendations that don’t involve torches, swapping batteries every hour or a home made set up?

    Given how cheep this P7 technology is there must be more companies than air bike making use of them for bike lights.


    exposure joystick up top

    exposure enduro on bars. best set up available imo. not cheap.

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    Look for some HIDs being sold second hand by a gear whore who must have the latest LED system…?


    what tomthumb says…

    or…just and exposure Maxx Daddy and forget the joystick.

    >Has any-one got any recommendations that don’t involve torches, swapping batteries every hour or a home made set up?<

    Oh all right then – P7’s with Turboferrets external battery pack. Yes seriously…

    assuming exchange rates havn’t made them super expensive ay-ups are a good option (I got mine direct from oz)

    battery life is excellent (6 hours worth from the mtb set – also do a set with 12 hours worth if you are soloing)

    having said that I’d be comparing the price of imported ay-ups with the Exposures (remember you will have to pay duty on the ay ups, and you only get the bill for this later, when your hoping you’ve avoided it)



    I’d stick with Ay-ups. we got ours from Oz and paid the duty, still worth if for the lights, compactness, output, etc etc. Don’t forget it makes sense to buy extra batteries at the time if you want more than the standard runtimes.
    You also essentially get 4 light units instead of one for equivalent price with other brands – highly variable light positioning as a result. The new gecko mounts have improved the kits a lot over the old mounts.
    If you know anyone in Oz get them to buy then send over to avoid duty.
    Bulk buy if you can get a few people who want them – Ay Up used to offer reduced prices for bulk purchases.


    Are you soloing or not? If not, then any lights that fit in your budget should be OK as you can just keep your batteries topped up at the charging stations they have at all events.

    I would be wary of 2nd hand as most of the cost goes on the battery and if it’s not been looked after it might be a burnt-out wreck that lasts 45mins.

    It would be pretty expensive, but if you are soloing I think one of the Lumi LED lights with the 6.6aH battery (the endurance one that they do with the halogens) will get you 13hrs on full power. Not sure about the life of the smaller batteries, but I’d have thought one of those would last all night on medium power.

    Aside from that, I think Ay Up are meant to have excellent battery life.

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