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  • matt1986

    Does anyone have any experience with theses lights they seem too good too be true which usually means they are


    Never noticed them before BUT: UK seller, massive CLAIMED lumes and only £50. Reckon that makes them worth the punt myself. For a few quid more I will recommend the MagicShine MJ872. Lovely light, lighter, very powerful and very good quality too. Mine have lasted a full year now with no problems, used at least 3 times a week.

    Good luck with your night riding matey.


    They look ok.

    I bought a set of one23 Extreme Bright 1000 lumen lights and they are superb. Really punch with great battery life.

    I couldn’t afford anything fancy ontop of this so I bought a Cree LED torch from Amazon ( and a helmet mount so I’ve got more coverage when going into a bend.

    Hope this helps…


    Those would be lie-mens not lumens and it is way more than you need anyway. £25 light would do the job plus a torch on your lid.


    Cheers iv opted for the candbseen 1200 lumen after reading some threads on here


    I’m with matt1986 on this one. Going to get a pair of lights for bars & helmet from candbseen for Chrimbo 🙂

    Can’t see the point is spending twice as much (or more)for Magicshine or other brands when you can get 1200 lumens for £45 and you get UK support if anything goes wrong. Can’t see you getting any support from the Chinese sites…


    when you can get 1200 lumens for £45

    Except you can’t. Unless I’m mistaken, the candbseen light is a single XML T6 which the datasheet says will do 910 lumens at its maximum current of 3A, and that’s assuming ideal temperature and before optical losses.

    Not to say it’s not a great light, but ridiculous lumen exaggeration seems to be pretty universal. Must be pretty miserable trying to compete in this market as you won’t sell anything advertising output honestly…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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