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  • Lighting a Woodburner.
  • Kenny Senior

    Some logs then some kindlers on top then some paper on top of that then a match then shut the door then come back in fifteen minutes to close the vent a bit then in about ninety minutes it’ll need more logs and Robert’s your father’s brother.


    You have to get rid of the cold plug of air at the top of the chimney first to get the best draw on first lighting.
    Lighting some paper or a fire lighter will do.
    All chimneys draw/work differently because of lots of different factors.
    Open both top and bottom air vents.
    Paper/fire lighters + kindling, let it get going with the door slightly open.
    Keep your eye on it then decide if some more kindling is needed, if so put a bit more on. Then place dry (less than 20% moisture) small/medium sized logs on. Leave door still ajar until it is going properly,then close door and control with the air vents.
    Stoves work best when hot(driven hard). Most people close the air vents down too early and let them slumber which is an inefficient way of burning wood. Best to have a smaller stove working hard than a bigger one in slumber.
    Also people forget that all stoves/chimney systems work differently in different houses and locations.
    Just remember heat is the key to a stove working well.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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