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  • Lighting a gas AGA without the piezo igniter
  • Mary Hinge

    So my son has just moved into a house with a gas AGA. For whatever reason he turned the gas supply off, so the pilot light went out.

    I can’t seem to find the ignitor, I think it has been disconnected, seems they are a common failure.

    There are a couple of “windows” behind the control door, and it looks like one has had a glass taken off.

    I take it it is possible to light it with a long match through the top window. Looks like that’s what the previous occupants did.

    Does anyone have experience of this, and can tell me what the process is?

    b r
    Mary Hinge

    Thanks b r, I did google but only got the official lighting procedure, which is the link that you posted.

    What I need is the ghetto version, where the piezo has been removed and I need to know which buttons to press and hold and where to stick a lighted match, whilst retaining a house around the AGA 🙂

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    chuck a burning rag down the flue?


    Mary Hinge

    I was afraid he might try that last night after we left!

    He is still alive this afternoon, so he must’ve listened to my warnings.


    is it rental ? i viewed a house once where the previous tennent obviously used a camping stove for cooking and a bombola gas fire/electric heaters on a timer

    agas aint cheap to run. might explain why the things just shut down fully.

    i walked away ….


    We have to do this all the time..

    If it’s anything like ours, you need to get it up to temperature quite slowly.

    I use a match blu-tacked to the end of a pencil.

    When it lights, turn the gas up only a tiny bit and leave a few hours before nudging up a bit more then repeat ad-nauseam until (a) it’s working like a trooper or (b) the wind blows it out again.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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