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  • lightest bivvi bag/kipbag combo…
  • ton
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    please anyone.

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    Impossible to answer – there are simply too many variables.

    Still – it won’t stop some from trying…..

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    or worth getting then.

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    Depends on what temperature you’re going to bivvying in

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    I looked into this a while ago and I thought the Mountain Hardwear Lamina 45 looked pretty good weight/warmth/value for a summer bag. It’s about £70 and 750g.

    Alpkit seem to be the people for bivvybags.

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    rab storm bivi seemed like the best value to me, bivi wise, since alpkit were out of stock at the time

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    Macpac Epic. Waterproof down sleeping bag. No need for a separate bivvy.

    The winter one even has a special hood designed for snow use.

    The summer one is 450g and tiny. The winter one is something like 650g and a bit bigger, but still quite a small sleeping bag.

    I’ve ridden with the summer one strapped to the outside of my camelbak, it’s great, like bivvying, but without having to carry a proper rucksack. You just ride until you get tired, then open it out and go to sleep.

    Downside is they cost an absolute fortune. They are also cut for quite a tight fit – I don’t know how good they’d be for big people.

    Oh also, if it rains and you’re out in the open, you have to sleep on your side unless you really like the opening completely closed. But you get that with normal bivvies really.


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    Snugpak might be worth a look at for a sleeping bag…plenty to go at

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    Reckon you can get down to 800g for most eventualities in the UK (if you don’t mind a bit of compromise).

    Rab top Bag = 420g
    Balloon Bed = 100g
    Ion Bivi Bag= 280g

    Total of 800g for a bag, mat and bivi. More room for food then

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    Lightest: nothing

    Mountaineers have been known to wear their down jacket and stick their legs inside their rucsacs, while sitting on their rope. That’s pretty light too, but only if you’d have those things with you anyway.

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    Rab topbag (or Summit 300 for proper cold) – not cheap but Rock n Run have the 300’s for £99 at the minute.
    Rab storm bivi-light and good value.
    makes about 900g?
    i’ve been down to -8 – didn’t sleep much mind – but didn’t die. . .

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    Richpips was selling a Wild Country Goretex bivi bag a while ago. Worked well for my 6’4″, and ideal with a 1/2 season down bag.

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    Have a look on – useful info on tarps as well.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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