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  • Light & Motion Solo Logic MV 390 lumen halogen £35 posted
  • Spangly new light prompts the sale of this one. Price includes postage to uk. Paypal gift or bank transfer fine, plenty of sales, ‘proper’ posting history and friends on here so you know I won’t be ripping you off.

    2007 vintage, originally cost £150 from CRC although of course lights and value for money have moved on a bit since then.

    -Compact 6-cell NiMH Battery (memory free)
    -3 power settings
    -Peened Aluminum reflector
    -Adjustable beam pattern (flood or spot)
    -Low battery warning / auto shut off
    -Lefty handlebar mount (this clamps to OS or 25.4 bar just next to the stem, and so mounts the lamp part right over your stem faceplate) and velcro on/off helmet mounts included.
    -four ‘breakaway’ discs included. These are a sacrificial bit of plastic to save you breaking the light or the mount in a crash. That said, I’ve never needed to replace one.
    -14 hour UK plug trickle charger.
    -Made in USA.

    Quoted light outputs/run times from the box: (these are switchable between much like an exposure light):
    13 watts, 390 lumens, 2 hours
    10 watts, 250 lumens, 3 hours
    6 watts , 120 lumens, 4 hours

    This light is four years and probably fifty rides/recharges old so plenty of life left. Last time I used it in February this year it lasted more like an hour and three quarters on full (390 lumens) before it went to low to save the battery, but it was pretty cold: lasts longer in summer, and if you use and recharge frequently enough. (In fact the manual says it won’t reach full run time from new until the fifth or sixth charge, such is the way with NiMH batteries apparently.)

    Nice genuinely adjustable beam (a bit like on a maglite, you rotate the lens in and out) and warmer yellower light than LED’s, and they are ‘proper’ useable lumens as opposed to some of the more fantastic theoretical figures for far-eastern led’s out there.

    The mounts are excellent: the handlebar one puts it over the middle of your stem, and the helmet one has lots of direction adjustment and has a long velcro strap and you don’t need any tools or have to leave anything stuck to your helmet.

    As per photos, includes box, instructions, and all the bits to mount the lamp to the helmet mount or bars, and a biiiiig velcro strap if you put the battery on your frame. Spare bulbs are still easy to come by at about £11 each iirc, much less if you skip the warranty and don’t buy L&M branded ones. This is the original bulb it came with.

    sold pending payment.

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