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  • UBYK now have 34 & 40mm LB rims on Hope Hubs for under a grand



    I should hope so too, I paid about £650 all in including import fees on a fully built wheelset on pro2 evo 40t.. have they put thoer prices up?

    I paid £35 odd customs on mine

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    For a lot less hassle, built in the UK and far easier warranty if they go wrong, I would check out any of these. Only ones I have actually used are the Superstars and not had a single issue in over a year of hard riding.

    JRA Traildog
    Blue Flow Bikes


    Bird bikes Carbon wheelset looked great vfm, hoping that reappears soon

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    Also have a look at Sixth Element wheels. Abigale has a pair of 38mm 650b hand built on Hope hubs and so far have been spot on.


    Use your old hubs. Mine cost me £230 all in, spokes, nipples, import duty and rims. Built myself. Very straight forward.

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    Thanks for the alternatives, some food for thought. Would be after 29″, 28-30ish internal width and with Boost flavour hubs which narrows the choice bit. From the LB options I was thinking of going with DT Swiss 240 hubs to save a bit of weight versus Hope.

    A bit light on substance, but interesting that they’re obviously aspiring (or marketing themselves at least) towards the top end of the market rather than the prejudiced view that they’re in it for money rather than producing a quality product.

    Wonder if they’ll ever appear as OEM with their own name on the rims?


    First ride out tonight on my LB 30mm xc wheels (Dt 240 rear/Superstar front,D-lights,me builted).
    I never really realized exactly how flexy my original Archs were!!! Whether the extra stiffness is an entirely good thing I don’t know yet.Once I got used to them actually going where you steer them I did find they were knocked off line a bit more easily.Whether that’s due to the stiffness or being about 500g lighter than my old wheels I’m not sure of yet either.
    I do like the added whizziness and get pinged out of berms like a bullet from a gun though!!


    An update on mine that I’ve had for about 1 year now. I’ve now ridden them twice in the Alps. Once, a holiday with Ride Slovenia, and the other week I was using them racing in Enduro2. I have used them racing in UK and normal trail riding, although I do have another set of wheels that I sometimes use dependnig on weather and tyres. They are still perfectly in 1 piece 🙂 they have scratches on them (maybe I should have got the matt finish), and I might have snapped a spoke (I think it was these wheels). My team mate @ Enduro2 was running alloy rims and his suffered at least 3 dings. These carbon rims are far tougher than most alloy rims. The Alps stuff they have ridden is likely to be the fastest/rockiest trails most people will ride/race on. Other than full on DH race, I cant think of anything tougher they would be put through.

Viewing 12 posts - 921 through 932 (of 932 total)

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