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  • Light and Motion Seca 400 – bargain or overpriced?
  • Was looking through the Edinburgh Bike Co-op’s sale lists, and one that stands out is the L&M Seca 400 down from over £300 to £80.

    Never having had any proper offroady lights before, this looks a bargain. Even the reviews I’ve found (Bikerumour and mtbr) are positive, albeit from a few years ago.

    So was wondering if any of you chaps and chapettes have any experience of it, or whether it has been surpassed by newer, better, cheaper, lighter, brighter lights?

    Thanks in advance.


    It is only 400 lumens so as a standalone light not much by todays standards.

    £80 is not bad value for 400 L because L&M have very good heritage as a scuba and now bike light manufacturer with solid backup through Madison

    its not likely to burn down your house unlike some of the cheap imports!

    I had a L&M Seca 200 which needed 1 warranty during its 3 years of life and had it back within 1 week of sending to Madison

    Don’t the L&M have really good reflectors so they don’t need 8 trillion lumens??

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    No matter what reflectors you have 400 lumens isn’t worth £300. Its worth less than £80 really. A joystick is £100, and that’s 500 lumens in an all in one, tiny enclosed unit.

    If it were my money I’d buy a Gloworm X1 for £110. That’s 1100 lumens now (I think). I’ve got an X1 and an X2 and they’re both splendid. The reviews are here on singletrackworld.

    And…. The chap that runs the distributor just posted on this thread (neninja) and he didn’t even mention his awesome lights as an alternative. That’s pretty cool.

    Many happy tidings for all the feedback!

    A joystick is £100

    £75 @rutland cycling with helmet mount


    Exposure joystick is rather puny compared to a gloworm x1, and the new one is even brighter than mine.

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    In fairness, the Seca does quite a bit more with its 400 Lumens than a Joystick does. Joystick is ace for a narrow, pencil beam helmet light, but the Seca is a lot better as a stand alone light.

    400 Lumens isn’t a lot these days, but L&M are well made. Probably upgradable too, with new LED’s, as the body is the same as on the new Seca 2000’s even I think.

    Wouldn’t pay £80 for it, but it’s probably a more usable light than the cheap XML units from China, and a much higher quality.


    The beam pattern on the L&M’s is pretty good and you’re a lot less likely to dazzle car drivers than some of the “scatter light everywhere” cheaper lights.

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    Obviously someone who read this thread doesn’t like me recommending crgmoto. They sent an email from their recommend to a friend link, calling me a ‘cock’ and a ‘bell end’.

    Good thing you also called yourself a ‘cock’, or I might have stopped recommending the products that work really well and have really good support.


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