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  • Hi we have two for our iphones
    And they certainly do what it says on
    The tin, the screen works nearly as smooth
    As without it

    Excellent, thanks for that. My main concern was the screen would feel crap.

    I’ve got one and have been using it for about a year now. It’s nice but not sure I would trust its fully waterproof claims. After a year the hinged lightning port flap had come off and seeing how the hinge works it’s not particularly robust. I only use mine for riding so I’m putting the phone in and taking it out a lot. Maybe it would be better if you just put your phone in once and left it in permanently. Also if I make a voice call apparently it sounds muffled at the other end – maybe to be expected for a fully sealed and waterproof case. I’ve also dropped it from standing height and the corner snapped off, so it did it’s job in saving the phone, at the expense of the case itself – which is what it’s supposed to do I guess. So all in all if I’d paid full price for it I’d have been disappointed, but I got an ebay bargain for once (it is a genuine one) so I’m not too bothered, and it’s still functional for protecting my phone when it’s in my Camelback pocket with my car keys and multitool.

    So on balance I’d give it 3.5 stars out of 5 taking into account the full RRP. 4.5 if you can pick one up cheaply. I don’t think there are many options if you want a fully waterproof housing.


    Also dropped mine and the corner split. Now held together with superglue and tape. Still appears to pass the waterproof test though and definitely worth it to save the hassle of getting a replacement phone after it has been dropped in water for a few seconds.

    Bit of a hassle if using docking stations – adapters (non-apple) refuse to work with iPhone 5.

    Anyone on here use a lifeproof phone case? Specifically one of the iPhone 5 ones. I’m thinking about getting one, but wanted to see what others thought about them in the real world before splashing out on one as they’re not exactly cheap, worth it to save a £500 phone though.

    I’m primarily thinking of the fre model as it actually protects the screen, unlike the other model. Anyone use this one? Do you find it makes the screen rubbish, or it that alright?


    I have an otterbox one. Again not cheap but very happy with it. Screen so good I wouldn’t discern it from a phone without any screen protection. Mine is the “defender” it’s not water proof but perfectly good enough for a man who fits kitchens and bathrooms for a living. It’s regularly covered in dust and getting dropped and no issues so far.


    Love mine. That said, the screen feel is noticeably poorer than a phone without, but more than worth it for the underwaterability and general ‘using my phone while doing stuff’ possibilities, witness the below:


    I got a cheap ebay one for the Mrs and it was fake and rubbish, hinge went then it gradually fell apart.
    So (cos i’m good to her) I got her a proper one, seems a lot better, might be waterproof- might not, cos try as I might I can’t get her to chuck it in the sink.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I take mine whitewater kayaking. It works.

    Might try a lifeedge when the iPhone 6 comes out as it’s British made.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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