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    So, a bit morbid but the sad news about Messiah (I’m not much younger than him) has given me the kick I need to get things sorted out in case the worst ever happened – I certainly wouldn’t want money to be an issue for my wife/kids on top of everything else if I died.

    I have the fairly standard work life insurance and private life insurance to cover the mortgage but nothing else.

    So, what do you have in place, just in case?

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    I had work insurance (death in service). Then got made redundant, ergo no insurance!!

    Life/death cover, joint with spouse. Not a huge amount but enough. Looked at sickness cover but (I suppose given increased risk / payout)it was hugely expensive and we didn’t go for that.

    Went to see a solicitor to get all that reviewed and sorted out alongside will (you do have a will, don’t you? — to my mind the most important thing). Also (very morbid) power of attorney again sorted jointly with spouse.


    Yeah, will all in place.


    Friends provident is far & away the best company to have a policy with. Consider taking out a level term policy, normally only very slightly more expensive than a decreasing term. Take out enough to cover the mortgage & a bit more to make things easier for you/your spouse in the event of death & a bit more again for funeral costs.

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    Just get some death cover ASAP for you and your spouse, £100k or so – it’s cheap per month.

    And then sit down and work out insurance cover properly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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