Lidl Bike Repair Stand mini Review…….£29.99 this week (pics)

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  • Lidl Bike Repair Stand mini Review…….£29.99 this week (pics)
  • Premier Icon kayak23

    Looks good. I have the old one and see they fitted a quick release clamp now.
    You can drill into the tube and stick a bike in to stop the clamp twisting at other angles.


    ah yes cracking idea, cheers


    So unlike the chap who umm’d, ahh’d and finaly left muttering about Park Tool in my local Lidl I did fork out and chance my luck with the £30 stand seen on their website here<

    To summarise it is worth the money…but you may be taking advantage of the 3 year warranty (which is pretty decent to be fair)…especially if you have a fat bike fetish!

    -4 leg stand spreads wide so is very stable even at full extension.

    -It extends really tall! Which is great if you are like me.

    -The quick release clamp/soft rubber clamp works really well and opens up wide upon release:

    -The other clamps all tighten off easily and more than adequately:

    -It also folds up back to the size of the box it came in and doesn’t weigh anything ridiculous.

    -Call me Shirley but I quite like the thin bit of extendable pipe with rubber straps either end which is included to hold the bars straight/still while you work….handy.


    Cheap plastic!
    -The qr clamp flexes a fair bit under a heavy bike if you have it anywhere away from horizontal…you can see the plastic deform in these pics:

    -However if you behave like a gent and treat her gently you should be ok, I bodged mine with a couple of washers from a headset press just to take some of the pressure off:

    -The tray mount is designed for the thicker lower half of the post (not ideal if you are 4ft+ but easily fixed with a bit of inner tube…plus marks for the (albeit small) magnetic strip:

    Also if you are like me and like angling your bike for brake bleeding etc you will need to tighten the angle bolt like a monkey on steroids and even then it may well still slip a bit:

    In short I think well worth the money and will handle all your home bodging, however if you are a pro or a bit particular look for something more bespoke.

    Personally I am dead chuffed that I no longer need to lug around my 1950s 30 kilos of home welding!

    Thought I’d share, ta for reading.
    Extra points for guess the bikes!


    Looks like the same one I got late last year. I found a some carbon paste on the crossbar for the angle bolt helps to stop most rotation without having to do it up too tight.


    yup good plan il try that

    Premier Icon buck53

    I got one of these a year or two ago, it’s been perfect for my needs. Only thing I’d say is don’t store it with the feet pushed all the way together or it’s top heavy and liable to topple given half a chance.


    Thanks for that review ,my one is still in the box but I will get some bits made up to sort out the clamps 🙂

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