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  • Lidl Bike Computer any good ?
  • mickolas

    My completely useless answer is that I normally find the aldi cycling stuff slightly better quality and around the same price. (I am often a rolling advert for lidl and aldi and use a so-far-faultless aldi cycle computer.) Lidl stuff is always satisfactory (for me) though.

    had their last wired one (which to be fair could be from a completely different factory). The ‘puter was so loose on its mount it bounced off its connections and gave a constantly varying speed. I binned it through laziness in a garage clearout, but one good thing about Lidl is they seem to have a no-hassle returns policy, I’ve taken a few of their ‘specials’ back and never even been asked why, just given a refund.

    If you want a cheap (and basic) wireless ‘puter, this was previously posted

    its shiney it excites, and only a fiver

    reviews suggest it ships with duff batteries, but assuming it comes with “CR” watch type batteries they are cheap as chips on the bay.

    Premier Icon oldfart

    Just want a basic one for distance and to keep an eye on chain changing time .£6.99 good price but I see its wireless so does it eat batteries ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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