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  • LH Shifter letting go?
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    Hi there,
    Just fitted a new XT front mech, conventional not top swing to an oldish (2003-4 I guess) set of LX shifters.

    Now when dropping off the big ring it'll skip the middle ring altogether and drop straight onto the granny.

    Any clues? Has the shifter given it up of have I cocked up somewhere?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Assuming cable tension's correct, then i'd suggest you've got a sticking pawl in the shifter, fairly common on old shifters that have been left unused for a while, and easy enough to sort if you're comfortable removing the innards from it's housing, just a squirt of GT85 or similar on the stuck part and work it back and forth until it frees up.You may get lucky with indiscriminate spraying through any of the holes, but a small squirt in the correct place won't break down any other grease in there.

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    second that. Shimano grease turns into wax when it ages.

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