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  • Lexus IS Saloon or good car for a few grand, biking friendly
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    I’m looking for a car for a few grand, Something solid and comfortable and biking friendly (plenty of room)reliable etc. I have considered a Mondeo, Focus. I noticed that the Lexus has very good user reviews especially around reliability, they seem cheap for what they are perhaps because they aren’t very economical which isn’t really an issue for me because I don’t do many miles. Does anyone have any recommendations or alternatives?


    Saloons don’t tend to be bike friendly so stick to hatchbacks or better still an estate


    Double post

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    I have nearly always had saloons. 2xvolvo s60’s which were huge, currently have a VW Jetta tdi, mahoosive boot that takes 2 bikes easily with the rear seats folded. The bikes lay on top of each other, just throw a blanket over the first and lay the second on top. Jetta’s tend to be a couple of grand less than the equivalent golf too.


    I’d recommend a VW Passat, just seen one for 3k on an 06 plate,estate.
    If I were looking, I’d be looking at one of those


    you probably need to know a good independent mechanic for the lexus, otherwise the bills might be high.


    I have one and they are not very practical for biking (I am thinking of chopping mine in for an estate).

    Plus point

    Very well equipped
    Very reliable
    Great engine

    Negative points

    Awful fuel economy
    High tax
    Small opening into boot

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    I’d check tax & insurace costs for a Lexus…


    If you talk about passat then B5.5 are good, they will suit you well. Don’t go for passat B6 unless its 58+ plated. Saloon cars are nice as they’re quiter than hatch or estates but then you need to buy yourself roof racks or boot racks.

    I used to have Honda Accord saloon (aircon/cruise/windows/sunroof etc) W-reg for 7 years and those are dirt cheap (500-1000 good example) these days, most reliable Accord was ever made and could fit 2 medium sized bikes into boot with wheels and seat posts out. 28mpg city and 35mpg mway. Still have unused pendle boot rack left lying somewhere.

    I’ve got an IS200 Lexus. Its an older 2001 model, everything still works and its a hoot to drive.
    MPG is poor to tragic.
    Its easier to get a bike in the back of my wifes Fiesta
    They do a Sportcross, i think its called, small estate version which looks a lot more practical and probably nearly as much fun to drive.

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    Had two IS200’s and an IS300 a bike will just about fit in the in the boot but there’s no folding rear seats, manual gear box is lovely, auto less so unless you go for the 300, yes there’s the Sportcross in 200 or 300 guise which will give you a little extra space in the rear.

    Only thing that let the 1st Gen IS200 down was it needed about 20bhp extra to make it a real fun car. I fixed that by going for the IS300 but it was an auto so lost out on the great gear box.

    I’d say lovely sounding engine, Lexus dealers are bloody brilliant and I’ve never had an eyebrow raising service bill, great gear box, comfy to drive.

    MPG not brilliant, if you are 6ft+ tall you might bash your head on the sunroof as it takes about 2 inches or so out of the interior roof space, boot opening is a bit small.

    I’ve currently got an IS250 which handles slightly better than IS200, gets better MPG but lacks that lovely gearbox and the boot is still a pain.

    Had one. Loved it. Would have had another if it wasn’t crap for bikes.

    After a tragic BMW, I now have a Scooby Legacy. Engine not as good as a BMW diesel but I’d put it on your list

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    Thanks for the replies! I’ve got some options to consider now.


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    Bike friendly, why are you looking at saloons?

    I swithered for ages, went with the boring option of a mondeo estate. Massive, durable, reasonably nice inside, surprisingly good to drive, cheap to run. Other massive estates are available.

    Focus is surprisingly big inside too, more cargohold (“boot” isn’t a big enough word) than some cars that are much bigger.

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