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  • Let's see your Salsa Vayas set up for touring
  • Premier Icon geoffj

    *watches with interest how this may turn out*


    I’ve got a Fargo and have done a couple of great tours on it.



    I’m liking the frame and its do it all abilities but cant help feeling it’s a bit lardy on the road. Discs would be a plus on a road touring bike and the ability to fit wider tyres appeals too.

    I’d like to see how you guys have built up your Vaya frames and how you’ve found them as laden touring bikes.


    No Vaya owners on here?


    I am saving up for a Shand ,but I watch these threads just to see what bits you hang on your Vayas . 😉


    i’ve got one. not set up for touring though. Started life as a ultimate commuter/ winter road build – but i never got on with that.

    I had some of the headtube cut off as the front end was just too high. took the guards off, replaced the dyno with a normal hub and lowered the gearing a bit. it’s slowly morphing into a cross cum gravel bike.

    don’t have any pics though…

    i’m not sure theres a lot of weight difference between the two frames…

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Hmmm. Not sure I have a picture.

    Frame is standard, wheels are Hope Pro II with Mavic Open Pros. Brakes are BB7s. Gearing started as SRAM Apex but after a brifter-splosion I have Dura-Ace down-tube shifters driving LX mechs. Apex chainset is still there, compact 34/50m, cassette is 11- 32.

    I tend to run 35mm schwalbe Kojak slicks, and always use guards.

    Don’t do much fully loaded touring.

    In my view, it isn’t lardy as such, it can made to rumble along, but it isn’t exactly snappy. There seems to be a certain amount of dead weight that just has to be accepted. Not a problem, I enjoy riding it. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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