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  • Let's see your Mudhuggers on a full sus 26.
  • Premier Icon zippykona

    Due to having a swing arm I assume a Mudhuggers will be mounted further forward than on a hard tail.
    I want to see how much coverage you get.
    Do you still get crap up your back?

    Premier Icon postierich

    Quality product and bought it to really protect the reverb,best rear guard I have used does not move and withstands plenty of crashes.

    20131101_154429[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    Premier Icon spacehopper


    cant find the img source for instagram.. but heres one on my meta.. (not the best of angles.. sorry!)

    first ride last weekend in loads of mud.. I still got a bit on my back but nothing like as much as i would without the guard.. and it kept my bum dry!

    and more importantly for me.. i got next to nothing on the dropper post and hardly anything where the linkage connected to the swingarm

    I bought the normal guard (not the more expensive orange five one) and it fitted fine.. ( i think i may have used my own zip ties though.. cant remember!) and there was more than enough helicopter tape for me..

    the orange five guard comes with longer cable ties and extra heli-tape..


    no photos but chuffed with mine.
    Broke numerous ones recently.

    It’s a tough, solid thing.
    I ride the Wyre forest which is very muddy.
    My mud splatter has dropped 90% easy.

    plus the guy who sells them is a nice chap having met his a few weeks back.


    Here’s one on my Covert. Excellent guards and now fitted to both bikes.

    +1 Bruce is a top guy 🙂


    grrr howcome the isnt working

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Hi. Put one on my Five at the weekend. A very solid piece of kit that looks like a winter fit and forgot. However it didn’t keep me any cleaner than a well place traditional seatpost mudguard (if they are working).

    I’ll be writing a review with blogs on the MuddyMoles blog later today


    I wasnt able to fit mine as the gear cable runs down the top of the seat stay 🙁

    Premier Icon brucegardiner

    Hi Stayhigh this is Bruce from Mudhugger if you send me a photo of your seat stays I might be able to help you fit the hugger. We have helped out a few people this way and all seem pretty pleased with the results.



    Premier Icon ceepers

    @smudge @spacehopper

    there you go, for instgram you need to “view source” by right clicking on the pic then find the “distillery image” http link in the code to post using the (img)(/img) thing

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    cheers ceepers.. 🙂


    id forgotten i modified mine to fit… as My brake hose runs down my swingarm!

    i just had to cut a bit off one end and a notch into the other.. then it slotted between the hose guides.. and i’ve actually attached it to the brake hose guide at one end rather than a tie all the way around the swingarm.. the l shaped bit at the bottom then slides nicely under the hose

    it would look nicer if it followed my tyre more closely towards the end of the guard like it does on postierich’s bike… but thats more to do with my swingarm being nearly horizontal.

    Premier Icon st colin

    Ceepers, do you have a side on photo of the Meta with that on it?

    I’d love to have something for my Meta for the coming months.


    Premier Icon D0NK

    Hmm, mate has one of these tempted to give it a go as my ageing crud guards are getting a bit rickety, plus you don’t have to mess around with a mudhugger when dropping the saddle (I use a qr on my CG)

    Think you are right in your review about a crud catcher protecting your jersey tonyG, thing is, do you care much? If it’s wet you’ll have waterproof/resistant jacket on anyway, aslong as I’m protecting my eyes/face from splash using a fender bender or similar and maybe a neoprene/innertube mudflap aswell I’m happy, don’t mind a bit of mud up my front. Got a couple of crud catchers at home not bothered fitting them for years, mind you with the monsoon we appear to be having I might be tempted.

    Fender all year round, rear guard when it’s wet, full guards for commuting.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    I think we agree Donk. Although conditions are grim out there at the moment so going for all the protection I can. The main thing for me with the rear guard is protecting expensive dropper posts and shocks from the crud, which the mudhugger did.

    BTW Bruce has mailed me to say that they are working on a mudhugger extension to provide really complete rear protection. Seems like they are onto there product development.

    The front Powa guard was the disappointment for me. It looks good (for a mudguard) but I think that the SKS shockguard is better and waaay cheaper


    I use a dfender for the front.
    Not cheap but boy it works..

    Premier Icon st colin

    Got mine fitted today:

    P1000130edit by colinsphotos26, on Flickr

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