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    Up in Rockcliffe I see north country boy.
    Give Rough Island a wave from me.

    well spotted! I had never been before need to go back again for more exploration!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Been every year since a nipper I reckon. We’ve a wee hoose there. Ace spot for kids, and some good riding nearby. Did you walk across the Mote to Kippford and The Anchor?

    Only parked there overnight as I thought it would be a good view to wake up too! Was revisiting a couple of the 7 stanes that I havnt been to for ages, a good day out all together!

    Premier Icon nparker

    Pictonroad new bus looks amazing. Wondered if the T3 is up for sale?

    Therefore I’d be interested in VW owners opinions about living with a LHD vehicle in the UK. I didn’t find it an issue during the week we had it but Mrs KoB didn’t feel confident driving it.

    As others have said, its fine, really and quite easy to adapt to. Only minor issue is toll booths and car park ticket machines when driving solo! Oh and the startled looks from other drivers when they see us coming in the opposite direction while my wife is reading the paper!


    Our Ducato – lovely to drive, double bed permanently up, all mod cons. We loves it.

    La grisette


    Inside of my converted bus… yeah right..!

    one day..


    Soooo exited, were getting a van converted. Got a meeting with the great folk at Mill garage in Duns to discuss the fine details of the conversion. 6 weeks and we should have a lovely van that will suit perfectly 🙂

    LDV Convoy 400 camper van for sale. 2.4l Transit engine, good runner with alarm and 7 seats!! Features; Loo, cooker with three gas rings, masses of food and pan storage, wardrobe, huge over-cab storage for pads, helmets, wet weather gear, tools, spares and the rest. Pull out bed, utilities secure at the rear, 240v hook-up and leisure battery. If you’re heading off to bike for a week and you don’t want to pay for campsite fees, eating out and the rest, then this is the bus for you. Leisure battery means you’ve got power for lighting, igniting the hob and even flushing the loo. Three burner hob means you can cook proper food and drink limitless cups of tea when the weather craps out. We’ve biked for days without having to cough up for camping fees. It really is a home from home and it’s all yours for £2000 ONO.



    here’s mine

    T4. Had it 3 years and slowly got things converted. Best thing i ever bought.. love it

Viewing 11 posts - 121 through 131 (of 131 total)

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