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  • Les gets / Morzine, Les Arcs or some place else?
  • Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Time to start sorting out our summer jaunt then.

    Did Les Gets / Morzine last year so was thinking of either going back or trying Les Arc.

    Any opinions? or any other suggestions?

    Looked at Spain but seems too expensive. 🙁


    Driving or flying? Les Arcs is fantastic but you need guiding to find the best trails, the likes of Trail Addiction is what you need.

    I spent last summer touring the alps and Les Arcs still is near the top of the best places I’ve ridden, definitely has the most singletrack in one place.

    Finale Ligura on the Italian coast is good but the singletrack is more dh’ery. Depends on what you like. The Italian costal alpine areas offer good riding but it’s all van uplift.

    Have you considered doing the mega avalanche?


    Les arc with trail addiction is fantastic. Ride with ben. He’s quick but gay if your reading this mate.


    If you want pure fast DH course stuff, stick with Les Gets.

    If you want simply awesome singletrack in a generally DH direction, then Trail Addiction/Les Arcs rocks.

    Or if you’re after something a bit different, more XC-ey, and a lot quieter, what about the Pyrenees with AQuickRelease. Very different to the Alps, but bloody good if you’re happy to do some pedaling.


    Take a look here in the Maritime Alps

    a bit different, free uplifts and very varied terrain

    Premier Icon darrell

    another tick fro the Les Arcs area – try Bike Village

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    We’re in the Les Arcs area as well. We mix up chairlift and van uplift, ride lots of different areas during the course of a week’s trip. Free beer too…

    The White Room MTB Holidays

    stevomcd – top picture mate – really captures the feel of alpine riding hammering back down to the valley floor, dust in your throat, aching forearms and the smell of hot disc rotors – class!
    Did Morzine last year, Verbier this summer – don’t know much about Verbier other than I think there are a few less chairlifts than Morzine, I’d better step away from the cake!


    Went with Joyriders last July – based in Spain. Certainly one of the cheapest at the moment given some of the price hikes.

    Worth dropping them an email.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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