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  • No snow means Les Gets lifts open for mountain bikes… in January!
  • stwhannah
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    At this time of year the Port Du Soleil area on the French/Swiss border ought to be mobbed with skiers and snowboarders. Instead, the area has reopene …

    By stwhannah

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    Les Gets lifts open for mountain biking… in January!

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    I’d love to drive down but there’s only one hill open and the weather could be diabolical. I’ll stick to day dreaming about Malaga.

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    Fingers crossed they get some snow and a decent season for the valley will be in real economic hardship

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    god bless global warming!

    Lets all drive down there, as by the time we arrive in our T6 transporters, we would’ve melted the remaining snow!

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    A couple of thoughts.

    Some folk have complained about mountain bikers on the slopes in the past… it looks like they might need us now.

    I know climate change is caused by a lot of things… but one of them is jetting around. And here we are after decades of jetting around to slide down a mountain on the snow… and the snow is no longer there.

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    Screw the environment. What’s it ever done for us anyway?

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    Lenzerheide/Chur bike kingdom also open for bikers again. Opened on Christmas Day. Sheesh!

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    Am going down in 5 weeks. I might hold on booking ski rental.

    First world problem, but is it worth taking a bike if it sill has no snow – the place we are staying is the opposite side of the valley from the bike park? I don’t know the area, but would love to bike there in the summer. I

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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