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  • Premier Icon FieldMarshall

    Looking at going to the Alps next summer or possibly an alternative destination in Europe for a friends 40th.

    We did Les Gets/Morzine 2 years ago and really enjoyed it, but looking for somewhere else this time, ideally with lots of natural flowing alpine singletrack (with uplift assist) but also with some manmade stuff/dh/4x too.

    Any suggestions welcome.


    lots of natural flowing alpine singletrack (with uplift assist) but also with some manmade stuff/dh/4x too.

    Sounds like Verbier might be good for you.


    Has to be Les Arcs. I stayed with Trail Addiction who were top class.


    Tarentaise Valley….especially The White Room in Sainte Foy!

    That valley has it covered!


    We went with http://www.whiteroomchalet.com/ last year.

    Awesome trails, food, chalet and folk who run it.

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Alpe d'huez and Les 2 Alpes?

    b r

    We did Les Arcs and TrailAddiction too, top time was had.

    Hey Yorkshire_Lad – were you one of the 'four' Yorkshiremen when we were there too?

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Second for Bike Verbier, had a great time every year and have booked for next year



    Trail Addiction Website

    i've also done trail addiction, albeit on a seb rogers photo course. do a flickr search for " asposium " i've put a few of my photos online.

    everything was fantastic, the riding, the guides, the accom and the food. we drove down from chelmsford, essex

    wow, the food! breakfast was a bit lame, but the evening meal was absolutely fantastic. a packed lunch was provided.

    price was pretty damn good as well

    heck, next year i might go for two weeks, one to photo, t'other to ride

    TA cater for all abilities, but most there seem to be mild to extreme downhill with bike to suit. there is riding for all, even a lightweight like me.

    not included in the price is a lift pass, IIRC cost 70 euro for the week
    not included in the price is compulsory insurance. mine cost ~ £25 as a supplement to our annual travel insurance

    airport transfers are available. IIRC £20 each way. or did as we did and drive. motorway virtually all the way. two riders in a car and it's probably cheaper to drive. french police don't seem to care about people doing 80-90mph on the motorway.

    unlimited rides on the lifts. lift up, cycle down, lift up, cycle down, you get the idea.

    accom is at 1300m, max height on the lift is 2500m

    riding is sun to sat, except wed which is a guide rest day. one can go out alone if desired

    Alistair makes it all look far too easy; Ben is an absolute nutter who will ride just about anything.

    B R, I was out in July and we did a fancy dress day. Do you remember a guy in a 15 inch cock suit?


    I was out last year with les arcs, will be going next year, for two maybe 3 weeks. top blokes, top food, and top riding.

    Premier Icon FieldMarshall

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Seems like there are a lot of options and all of them good.


    How long did it take you to drive? Currently having a T5 LWB converted, so we would be able to take 5 of us and bikes in one vehicle. This seems like a good option given that the weight limit has been slashed for bikes on flights.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    How long did it take you to drive?

    I drive back and forward regularly. To get down to us in the Sainte Foy / Les Arcs (Tarentaise) area you need to allow a minimum of 10hrs from the channel ports. I've heard people claim all sorts of crazy times, but we drive it a lot, with a moderately heavy right foot and virtually no stops other than to swap drivers and we've never done it in less than 10hrs. Morzine, etc. are a little bit less, maybe 9hrs. We do drive in a French-registered van though, so we can't totally ignore the speed limits… 😯

    If you want any more info, give me a shout: , dates and prices for 2010 going up on the site as we speak…

    (Steve If You want to advertise on the site please mail me @singletrackworld.com">matt@singletrackworld.com otherwise stop advertising through the forum topics. Matt)


    A vote for the other "BV" here – Bike Village. Based in Landry nr Bourg St Maurice (below Les Arc/Les Plagnes) and they know lots of fantastic singletrack…


    I'm off to Les Arcs for the first week of August next year. I was going to go with TA, but i finally decided to stay in Bourg St Maurice for the wifes sake. TA were very helpful, and i wouldn't hesitate going with them if it hadn't been for my wife needing to be near a pool, shops, etc. I am going to have a few days guiding with TA though.



    10 hours would be reasonable
    best to allow 11 or 12

    it sounds alot, but it's probably no more than flying

    transfer to airport
    waiting at airport
    waiting for bags

    Premier Icon FieldMarshall

    Cheers for the update.

    Did 11-12 hours back from Scotland this summer, so 10 hours on French roads should be a doddle.

    Used to live in France so am used to doing 140km/h + on the autoroutes.

    It's going to be longer overall than flying, as will need to leave Fri night, but at least by driving you can guarantee that your bike will show up and you wont get ripped off by Easyjet, unlike last time.


    Been with trailaddiction the last two years and it's been great next year i fancy trying rivierabike italy

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