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  • Lent a neighbour money,…still waiting….
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    Perhaps the old maxim “Never lend what you can’t afford to lose” should remain at the forefront of your mind in future.

    That’s not an old adage I’m aware of, unless you were betting on her paying you back in kind!


    £20 is neither here nor there,its a bit embarrassing to go begging for but yet again to much to just let it go,she probably does this all the time so I wouldn’t feel alone about it,bit immature to go doing stuff to her,do you have an expensive bike? She has probably seen you showing off on it therefore thinks you have the cash to throw around,if anyone wants to lend money I’m in the same position as them……SKINT !!!

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    t’s a couple of bottles of wine

    Couple? Six, at least… 🙂

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    An ex housemate of mine scurried off back to Peterborough or somewhere owing me £240.

    Eventually, after much piss taking etc from my mates and whilst slightly tipsy (ok, completely rat arsed) I called her and left a voicemail threatening that if I didn’t get the money I was going to drive down and break her legs and that she had better watch her sister’s back as I’d break hers as well.

    Moment I put the phone down I realised what a complete tit I had been. A) I had no intention of driving anywhere and breaking anything but b) she had a nice voicemail message she could play to the police and land me in a world of trouble.

    A week later a cheque arrived for £240 – never have I been so relieved!

    I am not suggesting you take this course of action.


    Danny B

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    go out for a bike ride and / or ask for it back

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Has an automatic filter been applied to stw for certain phrases? I’m sure I wrote something about visiting her back door

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Danny B, your dark side has been emerging over the last few threads you’ve posted on?!


    Al Capone


    I had similar with a neighbour – agreed with everyone sharing the same access road a punitive sum towards the work I did on it (filling in potholes etc). £25 each to cover the Type 1 and a whacker plate hire. I took two days off work and froze my ass off doing it.

    Everyone paid up (almost all gave extra – wine/beers etc as a thank you). This bint – nothing. I went round a week later and asked her directly and she denied knowing how much she owed me so I told her again and she promised she’d drop a cheque round. Of course it never happened and (despite my wife’s protestations) decided I was above chasing her for it and decided to forget it. Never spoke to her again though. Cow.

    this one was once living abroad with some dodgy Russian mobster type,…really the signs were there…


    thestabiliser – Member
    Plastic sheeting
    shoe covers
    sharp knife
    car with a good sized boot
    And once you’ve replastered her outhouse ask her for your money back.

    Fantastic euphemism! 😀


    Well?? What happened??? I’m literally sitting in the edge of my seat… This is more riveting than the Gold Blend adverts… 😉

    Well?? What happened??? I’m literally sitting in the edge of my seat… This is more riveting than the Gold Blend adverts

    I charge £20 for storytelling….

    anyway just text her,…she harped on about coming to see this apartment before I left…

    so just told her she’s running out of time because i’m leaving later this week to come and take a look…

    i’m not expecting an answer, just hope it made her heart race a little faster


    You ARE holding out for the old 5-knuckle-shuffle aren’t you! You old rascal, you!


    You’ll never see that £20. But as you’re moving out, why not get another neighbour to lend you £40. Tell them neighbour no1 will pay it back.


    Ninja edit hey? Now it doesn’t make sense



    You could enlist the services of Phil Mitchell 😉


    cockdrop her, its the only way

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