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  • skids

    I think it depends what it is for. If it’sfora life saving operation the maybe but if it was for a holiday or new car then forget about it

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    Lending to (or borrowing from) family is about as far as I’d take it, tbh. Unfortunately, friendships can be ruined by things like money; but you’re still family even if it goes wrong (generally).

    Dear God! Are you insane?!!! I’d lend cash to my friends before my family every single time. My cousin had me over for £1,500. For a load of work put through my business, rather than a straight loan. Which he never paid the bill for! The ****!!! I wouldn’t mind. He’s ****ing minted now!!! To my cost, I know why!!!!

    But I’m not bitter, obviously


    I have lent money before to friends and family. Generally they all take the piss one way or another.
    Lent £500 to family to buy a car, ran around in it for 18 mths then sold it for £800 and paid me back.
    Better to offend when they ask than to offend by having to ask for it back.

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    When I was out of work a few years ago, before I was married, I was staying with my sister. I arranged to go biking with a mate, and we met about 30 miles away. It became apparently I didn’t have enough petrol to get home, and I had no money to put any in (I was working on a promise at the time.. yes I was a fool). He gave me £5 to get home, and he never asked for it back either. That’s the only time, beyond wallet forgetting incidents.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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