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  • richpips

    Minipips keeps on telling me he wants to do LeJog. I keep on saying it’s a long way, and that the route normale covers some rubbish busy roads

    Do we go for the off road version as done by Spencer and Broddle http://www.users.waitrose.com/~ianclare/lejogoffroadbymountainbike.htm , or do you have any other suggestions for a route?

    We’d be aiming to do it in 3-4 weeks.

    Ta Rich

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Jealous. Was planning a trip for last autumn when my dad got ill and came to live with us. There is a useful section on the Sustrans website.


    I read a few blogs and routes and really liked what these guys had done:

    Without referring back to my notes, what I remember of Lejog is this. Could have picked better rides through Devon and Cornwall instead of the mental dual carriageway ride we did end up on – do not do that!.
    Bristol to Evesham (mate lived there) was fine and quiet, with some decent routes and good cycle paths. Liverpool to Morcambe and then onto Gretna was fantastic. Even on A roads in middle of summer it felt pretty quiet and views were spot on. Scotland is virtually cyclepathed to death if you follow the A9 north to Inverness.
    Take the cycle route to Dingwall first from Inverness, its all offroad tarred cyclepath and you wont be run over by the eejits who have no regard for cyclists in this area. From there take old Evanton road and then ride up to Bonar Bridge. Its very quiet and will be the hilliest part you will encounter.
    From there its mostly singletrack road to Bettyhill and beyond,with no cyclepaths at all, but then you are only likely to run into sheep anyway.
    If you can, avoid the A9 north of Inverness at all costs. Its pretty busy with loads of blind corners and almost zero cyclepaths. Plus the scenery is nowhere as “Scottish” as you get riding from Lairg to the North cost.

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    I’m sure Tom will smash it Rich!!

    Sound like an ace adventure.

    Look forward to reading the blog. 😀


    midlifecrashes that bottom link is ace.

    sangobegger thanks for the info.

    Yep Nick, I hope I can keep up with him. 🙂


    If you start in scotland it’s all downhill innit 😉
    I would love to do it but asking my wife for 2/3 weeks out to do would most likely result in losing an appendage. If you get the chance to do it, DO IT. good luck and with your son, what a memory for both of you.

    Give me a shout on your way past Dingwall – I’ll stick the kettle on!!

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    there is loads of information on the CTC website, plus keep a log of your trip and you get a certificate and badge (for a price!).

    I did a variation of the CTC hostel route. Uses quiet roads away from the dual carriageways. really nice routes all the way up. we varied it slightly by cycling up the west coast via Arran, Oban, Fort Bill and then along the Great Glen. Beautiful route! have the GPS etc somewhere if needed… busiest bit we found was the A9 beyond Dornoch…

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