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    Minor rant here, and it really is a minority as most riders are polite and sensible.

    Anyway, I was out for a walk earlier with the wife, and we stopped at the Leith Hill tower for a cup of tea. It was lunchtime and pretty busy, although an orderly queue had formed which stretched out towards the eastern approach path. Two utter muppets (stormtroopers on enduro bikes as it happens) decided they would ride from the back of the tower area towards the queue and make everyone part so they could get through to continue their gnar-filled activities. Going around the other way which was clear, or simply walking and pushing the bike through the line of people with a polite “Excuse me” would have been far more sensible and civilised. As it was, you both came across as arrogant idiots and give all riders a bad name.

    We’re lucky to have such a wonderful area to ride in, and on a nice sunny and dry day like today it’s going to be busy in the ‘tourist areas’ so please let’s try and be nice to all users and ride sensibly and protect our ability to be there.


    10 years since I last rode there at the weekends..

    The stormtroopers can’t or don’t do weekdays thankfully.


    I’d have told them to **** off.


    If i were waiting in the queue, i’d have just taken a couple of steps backwards (or forwards) and let em through. Hardly difficult, and it’s not like i was going anywhere!

    Do people really get annoyed about this sort of thing???

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    I was further back in the queue so it wasn’t directly at me, but why ride a bike at a line of people in the first place? It’s just antagonistic when there is a perfectly good option to go the other way round, push through or politely ask people to step out of the way.

    Surrey Hills is a very busy area at the weekends, and one in which MTBers aren’t always viewed in the best light. For the sake of something so easy and simple, why give people extra ammunition to dislike bikers?

    As mentioned in my original post, most bikers we saw today were polite and considerate, but I do get annoyed by minority groups giving the general public a reason to tar us all with the same brush.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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