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  • Lefty Ocho fork reviews/thoughts now they have been out/used for 18 month
  • I rode some of the old lefty’s and really liked them, the new ocho has been out 18 month so wondering thoughts on how they are and reliability


    Still rare as rocking horse poo

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    I wasn’t impressed with the duration and then cost of servicing the Oliver fork on my Slate. Left it off after the service and sold it on eBay to someone in Italy for the price of a new Kinesis carbon fork, stem and pair of Hunt wheels. Don’t miss it.

    Not sure why the Ocho would be any better service duration and cost wise.


    I’ve just sold my 2.0 and replaced it with some Sids. Ongoing maintenance and servicing is way too costly in comparison to normal forks.


    I’ve got a 2.0 and really like it. As smooth as anything I’ve ridden for Xc.


    ALways fancied an elo lefty

    I have briefly read( car park) ridden a lefty carbon and it felt superb

    Me thinks it’ll be one bendy wendy of a fork for light xc use only without a typical stw’er body on top 😇

    No offence meant btw
    Just that on top of extensive servicing and cost of specific servicing centres Like Noahs ark makes it inconceivable to my logic

    But yes it looks THE DOGS in A way

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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