Left over pork and turkey: curry ideas

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  • Left over pork and turkey: curry ideas
  • aphex_2k

    So as usual we have more pork and turkey than we needed.

    So you guys got some simple but spicy, quick recipes for curry? (Separate recipes, not pork and turkey in one pot)



    Throw turkey in bin as it tastes terrible. Eat the pork and enjoy it.


    Seems a waste?

    No cook books? Google down? Use yer imagination man! Portion stripped curry into individual freezer bags, perfect for work lunches.

    Same with the pork, portion it up and use for stir fries, fajitas.

    I’ve a full ham to cook today, completely forgot about it on Xmas day til I was serving up, I wasn’t even drinking as well! 🤣

    Premier Icon CHB

    Never mind curry. Try Jamie Olivers Asian style 5 spice turkey salad. The ingredient list sounds odd, but go with it as the flavour is amazing. We have done it each year for the past 5 and look forward to it almost as much as the Xmas dinner itself.

    Uncle Bens Korma and rice/naan bread but add more spice.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    With any cold leftover meat I gently fry a sliced onion, then put the meat slices in the pan with enough stock to cover them and simmer for about an hour. Depending on what I’m going to make I will add appropriate spices or Hoi sin sauce etc. This makes the meat tender and tasty ready for making the meal.


    I made this one yesterday. Very nice to, mking the spice mix yourself adds to it but you can get it ready made if you look around.


    Premier Icon molgrips

    Tip: don’t simply toss chopped roast meat into your curry, it has a weird texture. If necessary slow cook it then smoosh it up to make a pulled pork/turkey type thing. If you have pork, a bit of spicy barbecue sauce and some beans will be lovely. Nom.


    We made a turkey, ham and stuffing risotto. Was bloody marvellous!


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