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  • Premier Icon p7rich

    Right, you’re cycling up/down any trail/path/bridleway/fireroad/etc with enough space for 2+ to pass. Walker/s or cyclist/s are coming towards you…which side of the thoroughfare do you move to in order to pass?

    I always move to the left in line with the side of the road we drive. Only exception usually is if one side is more appropriate to MTB vs walker, e.g. muddy. Also, if on an incline and approaching a cyclist i always give up the best line to the one climbing. I rode 30m today and it seemed like pretty much everyone also moved to my LHS forcing me over to the right. They can’t all have been from countries who drive on the right??

    Is there some protocol i’m not aware of here?


    The “when walking in the road always walk on the side facing the traffic” rule?

    Rule #2: https://www.gov.uk/rules-pedestrians-1-to-35/general-guidance-1-to-6

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Always go left though encountered a few Europeans this weekend. There was a lot of “Why does he not know to keep left/right” expressions going on

    Premier Icon Creaky

    Walkers are totally unpredictable. I just slow down and see which way they go. For cyclists, I move left because that’s the convention in this country. I really can’t understand why so many others don’t. Can anyone explain?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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