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  • arrpee

    Heading down for a conference. Any recommendations from locals?

    BiBis (Italian been around forever), Riverplate (Argentinian steak house) or Whitebait ( fish), Akbars on the headrow

    Not Jamie Olivers place.

    If you want to head up to Headingley then Salvos is one the the best Italians I’ve been to.

    Premier Icon RicB

    I’ve always found BiBis overpriced and fairly cr*p

    Sams Chop House is always good.
    Chauprya (?sp), the Thai place opposite BiBis is great
    Akbars does a good curry but not as good as the Bradford Akbars

    I agree with Ben re: Jamie’s – avoid like the plague

    Premier Icon igm

    I like Little Tokyo for sushi. Leodis always used to be decent. Rascasse was good too but over priced.

    Aagrah for curry for me.

    Live in York now so I’m a little out of date.


    Mrs FD went to Jamie Olivers place and would echo the above. Was ok but nothing more.

    Just near the Town Hall is Veritas. Real ales, nice beers etc, good cheapish food. Would highly recommend.


    I was trying to think of Chauprya as per Ric B, it is good.

    I should add I’ve never been to Bibis but it’s been around for 30 years so may be worth a punt but if people say its crap listen to them as well

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    as above.. akbars for curry.. and Salvos in Headingley is Very good!

    Jamies italian is average at best and expensive for what it is..

    Fuji Hiro at the top end of town is good for Japanese food

    also really liked Sams Chop House.. must go back there..

    Premier Icon ton

    Gaucho’s for steak or meat lovers.
    azukabar for tapas.
    loch fyne for nice seafood.

    Akbars – and get a family naan. Huuuuuuge!

    Premier Icon ton

    mumtaz on the royal armouries wharfe is far better than akbars for curry.


    If you like good meat try Fazenda at Granary Wharf, it’s a new place and really good value too.
    Been to Bibis a few times and left unimpressed each time with the food and the service is shocking.
    Aagrah or Akbars for a curry not tried Mumtaz yet.

    IGM, Leodis was great but closed down ages ago to be replaced with a Brasserie Blanc which isn’t worth visiting.

    Premier Icon ton

    craigxxl, me and the wife are going to fazenda on saturday.
    looks very nice indeed.


    Don’t fill up on the side dishes, keep the disc on green and enjoy the meat feast


    My favorite subject.

    Italian, Salvos in headingley or Bianco in town to the back of the Town Hall avoid Bibis and Casa Mia milenium.

    Thai, Chauprya was good but don’t sit near the water feature Thai Edge is also very good but a bit posh and Thai Cottage is really fun and cheap.

    Japanese either Fuji Hiro for excellent noodles or rice dishes in a caff environment or Little Toyko for a wider menu and sushi in a restaurant .

    Indian not my thing i think the pickles and starters at mumtaz are excellent and always feel over faced by the mains all my Asian friends avoid mumtaz and go to Akbar’s .

    For real posh go to Brasserie 44 in the calls.

    Premier Icon ben

    My favourite restaurant is Viva, a brilliant independant Italian on Bridge End.

    Little Tokyo, as mentioned above, is great if you fancy Japanese. The sushi, sashimi & bento boxes are top – try the eel!

    Slightly out of town (Water Lane) is a pub called The Cross Keys for awesome homecooked traditional British food.

    Kendells Bistro near the Playhouse is also very good, if a little on the pricy side.

    I’d avoid BiBis personally.

    ton – Member
    mumtaz on the royal armouries wharfe is far better than akbars for curry.

    Over-rated commercial crap – just get a pre-packed Mumtaz from the Co-op.

    I was going to say get on train go Bradford but I spose if you must stay in Yorkshire’s Second City…

    I once had a lovely cup of tea and a nice piece of cake in the tea room at the Art Gallery.

    It’s a wonderful space is that. Feels very ‘Northern’, you know?


    Brio in the light for excellent pizza.

    Premier Icon ton

    MF, just to let you know, mumtaz and akbars are owned by the same company. 😆

    Premier Icon spacehopper

    the Tiled hall at the Art gallery as Elfin said is a nice space to be in.. nice cakes too.. worth checking out the massive sogne fjord painting in the gallery too.. its awesome..!

    Not a fan of Mumtaz either..

    had forgotten about kendells.. the food their is aaamazing! but the service can be a bit flaky at times..

    It is nice in’t it? I was well impressed. Spent a few hours in the gallery and library, waiting for my mate to finish work, was lovely to sit and have a cuppa in there. Only cost a couple of quid for a pot of tea and a nice bit of cake.


    Sous Le Nez just up from the station really good food and service.

    They do a 3 course early bird with half a bottle of wine for £25


    Bibis is absolutely terrible.

    The Aagrah is FAR better than any of the Akkbars.

    Little Tokyo is a cracking place, really cool and the bento boxes are awesome.

    Gaucho does a decent steak.

    Livebait is utterly horrific (I worked there for 2 years as a student)

    Loch Fyne is decent if you want fish.

    Salvos is by far the best Italian in leeds.

    Brasierre 44 is pretty good.

    However, for some weird reason, the french restaurants seem to be better than most, I’d recommend the following…..

    Sous le Nez
    La Grillade


    anyone got a view on brasserie blanc?


    crankboy – Member
    anyone got a view on brasserie blanc?

    Crap, trades off the name not the food, location is great but much better when it was Leodis.


    craigxxl thanks for that, i’ve just agreed to go for my birthday treat…..


    I did state it wasn’t worth going to about 3 hours ago. You could always cancel and go elsewhere.

    Premier Icon RicB

    Aagrah is a great curry but I’ve been 4 times (iirc) and everytime I felt a bit squirbly the next day.

    Not been but I’ve heard Kendells is fantastic.

    I found Mumtaz in Leeds to be awful. Rubbish food and rubbish service.

    Corner cafe is supposed to be a great curry house too but I think Sheesh Mahal on Kirkstall Rd (plenty of free parking) is the best curry house in Leeds.

    Browns is very swanky and food is ok but service is sloooooooooooow.


    Always liked Tampopo on South Parade for “Asian” food
    Veritas is great and the only Pub I know with its own deli!
    Sheesh Mahal is truly terrible since they expanded If you are going out of town then The Bengal on Haddon road is a damn fine curry

    I think Sheesh Mahal on Kirkstall Rd (plenty of free parking) is the best curry house in Leeds.

    Very true

    Will have to try Sheesh Mahal as nothing has come remotely close to Corner Cafe for curry in the past 18 months. In fact I went last night and there’s leftovers in the fridge for lunch one day this week 🙂


    Red chilli is also good. If you can travel Sukhothai in Headingley or Chapel Allerton are both good. Loafs of other choice depending on what you want but just watch the ones with over inflated reputations, e.g. bibis, akbars etc.

    Also Salumeria Cafe, which is part of Salvos, is excellent Italian in Headingley and preferred over Salvos itself.


    Gauchos – very expensive, good steak, crap chips. Frankly it stunk a bit drainy last time I was there….

    Fazenda is great assuming you’re a carnivore – I definitely prefer it to Gauchos.

    I like Anthony’s Brasserie (Corn Exchange) and Bar and Grill but both are quite expensive for the size of portions you (don’t) get. B&G always has a good atmosphere and the building is superb.

    Jamie’s is cack.

    Haven’t been to Sheesh Mahal for yonks but used to love it.

    La Grillade also worth a visit and the set menus are decent value. I keep promising to go back to Sous-le-Nez – sounds like it’s still up to scratch.

    With regards to Anthonys main restaurant on Boar Lane, avoid it like the plague, we had a VERY poor experience there.

    Starting with the Russel Brand alike hipster on the desk who failed to get us a drink and kept us waiting for 30 mins before seating us despite the place being half full, the main courses coming out 15 mins apart and one of them being wrong despite it being a table of two, the £180 bill and the nerve of the staff to tell us we’d only left a 5% tip when most people leave 20%.

    arts Cafe
    sous le nez en ville

    most other restaurants in leeds aren’t that great really


    All the curry arguments, get a proper Bradford curry… just get on a train to Bradford 15 mins on the train (for a dirty curry) or Shipley 13mins on the train for a posh curry at either Aagrah or better IMO Shimla Spice.

    Still say Veritas gets my vote in Leeds

    ton – Member
    MF, just to let you know, mumtaz and akbars are owned by the same company.


    Premier Icon matthewjb

    Restaurant Bar and Grill is a great setting. The food is usually reliable.

    La Grillade and Sous Le Nez both do good French food.

    I quite like Jamie’s and Carluccio’s for italian. But they are expensive for what you get.

    If you just want steak then Gaucho’s and Blackhouse are good.

    All the curry arguments, get a proper Bradford curry… just get on a train to Bradford 15 mins on the train

    I’ve already told them this. 😐

    Bradford is a much nicer place, too.

    No I’m sorry but it is. I’m from That London and therefore I know about these things. 🙂

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