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  • Premier Icon paulosoxo

    Usually you can take as much as you can carry, no glass, no sharps.

    Take more loo roll than you need, keep it in a plastic bag to keep dry, go for a poo in the arena when the doors open each morning, and take your own weed.


    I went to Reading 20+ years ago.

    Take wellies. and waterproofs.


    working reading. whats the line up….

    edit: loks good – it'll be my 6th in 10 years. prodigy again – amzing.


    sniffer dogs when queueing to get in…..not sure if they do it at Leeds but they have at other smaller festivals I've been to so good chance they will…..not that it bothers me of course!


    Reading/Leeds looks amazing this year. I am going V this weekend am bit disapointed with line up, but wish I was going reading I have to work in France all weekend.

    Anyone going this year? What does everyone think of the lineup?

    Also my first year going this year, anyone got any tips about good things to take? also what are the regulations about taking alcohol into the site? i couldnt find anything on the website.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I'll be at Reading… Bill looks OK, not amazing (I'd be more excited about FNM if I wasn't seeing them the tuesday before I guess!) but not bad at all. The middle day looked a bit rotten but there's new stuff sneaking in there, I see some 65DOS, good stuff on the lockup stage, mariachi el bronx…

    Yeah, should be good. Take nothing you can't afford to have stolen, is good advice I think- we've only ever had stuff nicked which we stupidly left lying around, but it does happen. Get to know your neighbours, it's not just manners, it makes it more likely that if someone does try and rob you they get hit in the face.

    Unless the weather's apocalyptic in the run up like it was last year, don't bother with wellies, decent boots is all you need and far better in the festival itself. A decent pair of waterproof walking shoes with a bit of toe protection is ideal really, work well in all weathers. You'll be on your feet constantly and it's pure murder in cheap wellies or wet trainers.

    Bog roll is good advice. Also, the no glass rule seems to be being enforced more now (as it gives the scumbag security an excuse to pinch people's drink). Baby wipes are handy too. Getting dirty is fine but you're in there for days and it gets a bit tired.

    Oh. Take a scotsman if you can, nothing is more useful when dealing with the aforementioned scumbag security. Don't camp right beside a toilet, a food stall or a patch of woods- first one gets SLAM! SLAM! all night not to mention the smell, second one gets the generator noise all night and also smells of crap, and the woods become gigantic urinals and motorways combined. I reckon the ideal is to camp precisely one tent away from a road (as long as it's not a metal road, they're incredibly noisy) as this way, you'll get good passing banter but you're less likely to get someone jumping on your tent.

    Oh, and have a fire! They sell the logs and lighters onsite, and it's ace. And you're less likely to be blown up now than you were a few years ago. Oh, and don't take a gas camping stove, gas cans are banned- if you want to cook get a disposable barbie or a white brick stove or cook on your awesome fire.

    Can't think of anything else… It's mostly common sense. Reading/Leeds are amazing events, there's other festivals but there's nothing else quite like these I think. T in the Park bans all fires… Reading/Leeds sell you the wood. Sums it up for me.


    Take cheap everything…apart from Ray bans. Always wear the ubiquitous raybans.

    Thanks Northwind, some good advice there will deffinitly bear some of that in mind when i finally get round to packing the night before. 🙂


    I'm working for the company that provides the medical services for Leeds festival.. I second Northwind's suggestion of bog roll…had a patient who had used cartridge paper as bog roll at Download festival…not pretty!


    Bog roll? Pffttt. Take BABY WIPES!!! If you won't be showering for 4+ days, (when you see the queues you would have to be desperate) it's nice to have a fresh feeling arse.

    Second the camping location one, near a road for great banter. A few years back I was lying on my front in a zipped up tent with my head poking out to chat. Lad walks past absolutely wasted and shouts "YOU LOOK LIKE A TUUUURTLE!" Made us crack up, I'll never forget that.

    I've never had trouble with a portable gas stove, and as long as you don't go throwing it on the fire, neither will you 😉

    It's hard to sneak cider into the arena in a camelbak 😐

    a cheep tent!

    Premier Icon sockpuppet

    gas cans of any sort are specifically banned this year

    Premier Icon Northwind

    A cheap tent, yeah, but not a rubbish one… Something nondescript but waterproof. And with decent poles- there's a reasonable chance someone will fall on it at some point and it'd be nice if the poles don't all shatter, as really cheap ones probably will.

    Oh, and don't stretch out your guy lines like deadly tripwires, it's not neccesary unless there's a hurricane and it just increases the chance of having a fat man fall on you as you sleep.


    Is it next weekend? Makes mental note to avoid the roads unless on bike.

    I'll be the one with the 'Municipal Waste F*cked Me Up' flag. Their set should be worth the price of the ticket alone. My first year too. We'll have a ball…

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