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  • Thanks Comrade, much appreciated

    Hello, I am conducting a survey as part of my Masters research dissertation at Leeds University.
    The survey is designed to gather detailed cycle commuting information in order to determine the factors that affect the route choice of commuters in Leeds and how these may be related to the factors that motivate or deter them from commuting by bicycle.
    Hopefully it will also add to the current pool of knowledge in the subject area and go a small way to helping in the design of improved cycling infrastructure in the future.

    The survey contains 31 questions and takes no longer than 15 minutes. All data collected will be held anonymously and securely and no personal data is retained. You can withdraw from the survey at any time by closing the window.

    All respondents who complete the survey and leave email contact details on the final question will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win one of two prizes:

    £20 Evans Cycles gift card, £20 M&S voucher.

    Ideally I hope to get a response from at least 50 people, but the more I get the more useful the results will be. Feel free to pass the link on to anyone you know who is commuting by bike in Leeds. The survey will close on 16/04/14. Thank you for helping.

    If you experience any problems or require further information please contact Malcolm Smith at: cn10m3sleeds.ac.uk.

    Please follow the prompts on each page to navigate through the survey.
    If you are happy to participate in the survey please click the following link:



    Will do tomorrow when I have access to a computer with a mouse can’t do the route question on a phone.

    The route map question is now optional in case it’s putting anyone off.

    Thank you both


    done now with map.

    Great stuff, thanks for that.

    My uni email address should read: cn10m3s@leeds.ac.uk


    Good luck.

    I don’t commute by bike anymore (use the train and walk now I’ve moved out of town) but do live in Leeds. I will share the link on to a couple of people who I know commute into Leeds by bike.

    Have you tried sharing your survey with some of the big employers who may have cycling groups/policies eg Leeds Council, DH/DWP/NHSE at Quarry house, both Unis and Leeds Teaching Hospitals(actually the last one in particular as I see a lot of people commuting on bikes into the LGI site). May be worth a ring around if you haven’t already.

    Hi olddog, that’s a great idea, I’ve been contacting people around Leeds Uni so far and I’ll try those others you mentioned, thanks for the advice.

    Cheers leodis

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    survey done.



    I started cycling to work on the roads, but have since adjusted my journey to be mostly off road, and I use (mainly off-the-road) cyclepaths where available when I get into Leeds. I don’t feel that any of the roads are safe enough for cycling.

    I actually took up WY:GO-Cycling’s offer of free cycling tuition to improve my on-road cycling and awareness. However whilst on my route, the instructer slipped off his bike on a major dual carriage (I think it was either 40 or 50mph), which in some way was the fault of the deisgn and slippyness of the drainage on the road, and could have easily have been hit by a car had one been following. Anyway it has put me off, and off-road is the only way I’ll ride to work until something improves on the roads.

    Good luck – I hope it makes a difference.

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    One of my mates has sent it on to the cycle co-ordinator at Trinity Uni – hopefully that will get a few responses


    Done, but didnt put my email address in 🙁

    Thanks Jaymoid, I agree that a some of the roads don’t feel safe at all. I use mainly off road paths, quieter back streets running parallel to main roads and even the footpaths next to Scott Hall rd for a short section.
    Thanks for filling in the survey.

    Thanks tmb and funkydunc.

    Great stuff olddog! That’s a massive help, I’ll have to get you a pint sometime. I’ve emailed the Leeds Met equivalent too.

    Cheers edlong

    Excellent response so far, had over 100 people completing the survey. Thanks to all those who’ve filled it in. Hopefully it can reach 200 which would be fantastic. If anyone has a spare 15 minutes please click the link in the top post, cheers

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