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    I was thinking we need to get HTN out of the way first fella. As obviously all the highly tuned athletes taking part are now at the peak of their training schedules. I know I am…..

    How about the beginning of March?


    Actually…. I think we’re overdue a Rammy Turbines, Quarries and Brewery ride! Anyone interested

    Very keen. All I do (given my lack of local knoweledge) is the Lee Quarry loop – I don’t even know where the link road to Cragg is! Would great to get to know it a bit better.

    Though I agree, let’s wait until after HTN 😯

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    £7 for 2 hours at the cinema vs £3 for a day at the bike trails, is how I tend to look at it.

    Sometimes I think the anti-paying people are arses but then I remember that most folks haven’t a clue what goes into building and maintaining a quality, durable trail. Building a glentress trail is more intensive than building a road! But at the end of the day it just looks like a line of dirt so it’s understandable that people don’t get it.


    If it rains this year like last year then you stick the moors where the sun don’t shine 😉


    i was involved with this project when it initially got off the ground about 7 years ago, and the plan was that mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing and a few other extreme sports would be catered for on the site. this idea ultimately would also include the provision of a visitor/trail centre and potential retail stores such as a bike shop and cafe thus creating a kind of extreme sports village.
    unfortunately the bid fell short when it was submitted to the people’s millions lottery grant. it got to the longlist but not to the shortlist as the lottery people felt there were a few more more worthy project based in the south.
    this led to a re-think by LCC and Andy McNae who was heading the project and with some extra funding they managed to hire Rowan Sorrell to start designing and building some of the trails you now find in the quarry.
    so as you can see this was always the part of the plan right from the start and its brilliant that it’s finally moving in the right direction…
    personally i’d be more than happy to pay for parking and for use of the site so long as that money is then re-invested back into the site to maintain and improve it. having a bike shop and a cafe on site makes perfect sense as demonstrated by Llandegla. and who better to run the bike shop than the wizards of Ride On!!

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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