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  • Premier Icon TonyL

    Work is progressing well up at Lee Quarry repairs to some of the existing trails and some new sections of trail are appearing including a new bigger and better pump track. It is all going to be excellent but please keep off it until it is finished and if you are up there please encourage others to do the same. It will speed up the process and give us all better trails if the contractors don’t have to keep repairing sections that are not ready to ride yet. If it is taped off please don’t try and use it and shout at others who ignore the tape for me (unless of course they are bigger than you!)

    Was planning on going up next week for a bimble, is it still worth the trip? Is most of it still open?


    “a new bigger and better pump track”
    Is this one built on level ground?

    Premier Icon TonyL

    Most of the trails are open link over to cragg is now in so if you find bits of Lee are closed have a bimble over there.

    Level ground in the Pennines?

    elaine anne

    yep i was over at lee a coupe of weeks ago as i wanted to get on the link track for cragg….. cragg is a great litte place….nut you do have to work the quarry to get the best out of it….keep peddling ! 😉 also on the way back down from cragg to join back up with lee quarry i loved the bouldery drop offs all the way down the link tack…great stuff…

    cragg quarry :


    tony are they building anything bigger at lee then like more stuff like the red route table tops on the last section 😛


    OH YES!!!!!

    Had a 3 hour session in the sun today.

    Feels like at least another K of pedally, pumpy, bermy goodness has been added to Cragg Quarry. Makes you work even more for your kicks :)) ‘Jewel in the crown’ indeed!!

    Great work on the refurbs to Lee Quarry!

    So lucky to have this venue within 1/2 hour :)))


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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