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  • Lee Quarry – cool video!!
  • RealMan

    Liked it, but a crap title lol.

    Premier Icon Pook

    i like that one. Very nicely done – I'd edit it a bit tighter, but it feels quite nice and it's a lovely image.

    I could've sworn there were more than two hills in Lee Quarry though 😉

    I'd edit it a bit tighter

    Hi Chris

    One of the reasons it caught my attention was that is edited in a chilled fashion. Contrasts with many vids you see.

    I also want to be able to ride Lee Q like that one day!


    P.S. Your vids are brilliant, of course … 🙂

    Premier Icon Pook

    hahaha – nice!

    It's got a good feel to it though I must admit!

    It's been a while since I've done a vid. Might have a little play with the camera tonight


    =1 realman!


    Liked that a lot. Thanks.

    Out of interest, what frame-rate does the GH-1 capture? The slow-mo is very smooth.


    Really nice production on that… agree with folk above, I love the chilled feel of it. Really makes me want to go out and ride my bike.

    Conveniently, I am later 🙂

    Youtube video

    Just found this recent video. Magic!


    Nice camera work, any steadycam type devices being used?


    Nice angles etc but too much slo-mo. Made the video a bit dull to me, sorry .

    Premier Icon Gravy

    That looks great, I'll be up there this w/e.


    Great vid, I like that. Chilled.

    I like this one of Cragg Ed posted earlier on facebook..

    Yay that's really nice.

    Premier Icon ton

    very nice indeed.

    Nice honest video. Nice change from the gravity stuff these days.

    On a different thread, whats happening with the Reset Films 'Find' Anyone got any news on this?


    The perfect antidote to a ridiculously stupidly annoyingly crap bounce vid I saw last week which portrayed Lancs as nothing but daft music, drug dens & blokes who beat up their wives. One day I might even ride like that, damnit. :O)

    Premier Icon speaker2animals

    Really nice vid imho. second one of the day that I found to be compelling. The other being the Andy Warman CX vid on the home page.

    N I C E !


    Ace vid…. Im hoping to get down there next week…The only positive factor in going to work in Preston for a few days.

    Good stuff. I liked it.
    If I were to go there and wanted to ride the pump track as well as the tracks should i take my giant trance (07 version) or my charge blender?

    trance = good for trails and climbing, dunno how good on the pump track…
    blender = great for descending trails and pump track but how bad would the 36T/11-32T gears be on the climbs?

    Just so i know for whenever i pass. definitely want to ride this place


    Nice looking vid, Lee Quarry looks like a fun place but so far away. Too much slow motion for me though. Those Panasonics look like they do really good video for the price.

    Premier Icon Woody

    Enjoyed both the vids but Cragg Ed looks brilliant. Some mighty big 'pumps' though 😉

    Premier Icon lowey

    Was ok… good quality but does not show just how good Lee really is.

    Ed's is a cracking vid, but Cragg Quarry is just that. A Cracking trail.

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