led lights dab interference , any info ????

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  • led lights dab interference , any info ????
  • Premier Icon blastit

    Anyone shed any light please.
    Just fitted Mr16 down lighter bulbs and transformers and now when I switch the lights on Dab radio turns off.
    I fitted a couple on old the transformer and they worked but could only fit two out of three bulbs and looking back thought it was odd that I had no Dab signal but did not make the connection.
    Upgraded the transformers and then when I turn them on ,the radio turned off .Penny dropped.
    The Led’s are just cheap ones off ebay, just wanted to give them a try. £20 for 10x 4.5w was too good to miss.
    I buy cheap led lights for my bike and they work very well so, why not I thought.
    Anyone else have the problem or not, and if not what is your setup.

    Thanks Blast



    Got a problem with some channels and philips myVision LED downlighters.

    BBC works OK, but some of the weaker signals drop when the lights are on

    Premier Icon blastit

    That’s interesting, not just the cheap ebay ones then.

    Premier Icon StackEd

    Yup, i had a problem with my DAB in the kitchen after fitting some moderately expensive (can’t remember brand) LED downlights. I ended up putting in an external aerial (that was a straightforward job in my house)and the problem went away

    Premier Icon blastit

    Thanks Stack, did not think about that . Might be cheaper and easier than trying to find led’s that work.
    I have just tried the Digital TV with outside aerial and that seems ok.
    off to search for aerials now

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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