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  • LED light recommendations for inside a tent
  • danandem

    Looking for an LED light for inside a tent / caravan awning. Will have a 240v 3 pin plug – any recommendations?

    Cheers Dan

    Premier Icon CountZero

    Dunno about a mains one, there’s loads of battery/solar ones around, I got one from Aldi; it’s fairly large, typical hanging lantern, cost peanuts, does the job.
    Tesco do a variety of cheap lights:
    Shitloads here, too:
    Fill yer boots! 😀


    9 or 12 volt battery and some LED flexistrip.

    Labcraft if you want posh extruded aluminium.

    Premier Icon Mugboo

    We use a screwfix inspection lamp, the lower powered one is enough light for a tent.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    remember to switch it off before, … you know 😳

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Actually that is a good point to raise:

    Any lamp with a small light emitter and a projector lens arrangement (most led units) will cast a really sharp shadow! 😳

    Maybe best go for a light with a large opalescent bulb.

    Depends what sort of campsite you’re on, I guess.

    Premier Icon Nick

    Decathlon have various options for not much money

    I’ve used solar leds and they lit the tent but in the end still prefer the old semi-opaque plastic milk container filled with water with a headtorch strapped around it (light source pointing inwards towards the water giving a great ambient glow). And a few tealights in sturdy holders.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Decathlon have various options for not much money

    They do little square ones as part of a ‘system’, with adapters for headbands and such. They’re ace.

    Premier Icon Innes



    I havent used these, but I have a few of Alpkits headtorches and they are very good.


    Solar powered light

    Got one of these. Great bit of kit. Light, and light. And solar powered. And for a good cause.

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