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  • Leccy Toothbrush are they worth it?
  • Pieface

    Always make my teeth really sensitive.

    Flossing more effective

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    nickc – Member

    The idea that clinicians wouldn’t advocate a particular way of flossing is an odd one.

    Why? The verdict seems to be that it’s less effective.

    Few points, I’m a dentist btw.
    Definitely see an improvement in patients using electric brush.
    I use oral b have also used sonicare have found both to be good oral b replacement brush heads prob cheaper.
    Get dentist or hygienist to demo how to use it in your mouth, take it with you to next appt. Best brush in world no good if technique is poor. If your dentist won’t do this you need a new dentist.
    Flossing can cause a lot of damage if done incorrectly. Interproximal brushes such as tepe can be easier to use. Have seen some good results with the waterpik flosser. Again it would be best to ask your dentist or hygienist what they recommend for your teeth and make sure they demo in your mouth. Differently spaced teeth require different tools and techniques so best if they advise individually. For example I get a lot of patients to floss front teeth and use inter brushes on back teeth.

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    are they not just a lot of landfill?

    Not really, when they die, put on the charger & rotate 1/4 turn anti clockwise to release the base. Everything in there can then easily be separated and recycled.

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    I went to the dentist today. I fell asleep whilst having treatment. 😳

    Too frightened to ask whether I snored. 😉

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