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  • mickyfinn

    My work environment is Microsoft so I don’t use Mail, Contacts or iCal to manage my organiser.

    Some Will Scorn (no doubt!) But the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone 7.5 is by far the most stable and useful device I’ve ever owned. It’s exchange and sharepoint sync is superb The Built in SAT Nav is worth loads but it’s free! And there’s plenty of app’s if that floats ya boat.


    This is more a question for Android users really, especially Samsung Galaxy S3 owners who have had an iPhone. Please let’s not go down the ‘I have this one’ so clearly it’s better route. Although always happy to hear of happy purchases 😉

    I’m very familier with Apple and the iPhone. I have an iMac, iPod Touch, iPad1 and iPad2 and my laptop is a Macbook Pro. My wife has an iPhone 4s. As such it’s pretty clear I like Apple products but most importantly I have a pretty big collection of iOS Apps that would immediately be available to an iPhone. THIS is the bit that has me leaning to the iPhone – the Apps.

    Not wanting to be a slave to Apple what would be the downsides to buying into Android? I’ve had a brief play with an S3 and it’s very nice, I’m keen. My work environment is Microsoft so I don’t use Mail, Contacts or iCal to manage my organiser. All I need a phone to do is Sync with Outlook, run all the Apps I use most often (most are cross platform and cheap so should be fine), be fun to use and a good business tool.

    Basically, will I regret not having bought an iPhone due to some reason I can’t think of.


    I considered that but no support for some of the Apps I need, not sure if they have alternatives by but might check a little deeper. Thanks.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    I’ve a work Blackberry and a personal Samsung G3, the internet and app’s is a million times better than the Backberry on the G3.

    Loads of apps, big screen, fast and great at photo’s and movies.


    I went from Blackberry to Android (Galaxy S3)found it very easy to use and i am a tech numpty but getting loads better after owning the S3. I did like the Iphone looks etc but found the menus etc a touch annoying plus screensize isn’t big enough for things like the keypad for me.

    Overall extremely happy with my choice. However the Iphone 5 maybe a good bit better , no idea to be fair.


    The best app I’ve used for syncing Outlook with Android is MyPhoneExplorer. You can also use it for syncing individual folders on the phone with folders in Windows. Works over USB cable, wifi or bluetooth and it’s a free app.


    With all the other iOS devices you have, I would say it makes far more sense to buy an iPhone that will work with them seamlessly when you need it to ?

    Rather than buying something that stands out from all your other stuff and doesn’t integrate.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    1 month in to an S3

    Great Phone, battery lasts well. Screen is nice and big (though not so big that it’s a problem.)

    Seems to handle all my work stuff fine. Signal holds well call quality & clarity is good.

    Fast processing.

    Also takes up to a 64gb sd on top of a 32/64gb phone memory so you can take everything with you


    I went from a blackberry to android and love it even on my cheap Galaxy W. I had an iPod Touch which I pretty much used for all “smartphone” stuff (apart from the phone obviously) so can sort of compare the two. I think that the android is better – battery life so much better (plus easily replaceable if it dies), don’t have to use iTunes, more customisable, easy to expand the memory and I have all the apps I could need or want. Plus the iPod kept crashing on simple webpages and sometimes when playing videos. Not ideal.

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