Leatherman / SAK-type tool for a rider?

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  • Leatherman / SAK-type tool for a rider?
  • larkim

    Looking for a gift idea, and the idea of a leatherman or similar popped into my head for a rider.

    Any recommendations on particular models which might work well for a bike user (putting to one side the fact that such a tool might not be the perfect bike tool, but would get significant other use too when not being used in bike related activities)?



    If it’s got:

    A. bottle opener
    B. pliers
    C. nice logo

    it will be a nice gift for a cyclist! 😉

    I’ve a Leatherman wave (I think its that one). Great tool but the reality is I don’t carry it on many rides because it’s too big. I’d carry it on the more remote rides…nevertheless, it was a well received present and it has its purposes…


    Skeletool is quite a good one, not bike specific but has most of the things you may need, you can also add a selection of tool bits and its not too big and heavy.


    Leatherman Squirt is fab


    I usually carry a basic Leatherman Freestyle as a complement to a regular multitool. Used it far more often than I ever expected. If you want a bit of luxury you can go for the CX-model too.


    Personally I wouldn’t buy a multitool without a woodsaw.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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