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  • Leaking shower hose
  • Premier Icon sc-xc

    More water comes out of the ends of my pipe than the head.

    I have replaced the rubber washers (and tried putting 2 in), have used a load of that tape…and am only finger tightening each end.

    Any other tips before I buy a new hose/smash the bathroom up?


    Premier Icon bodgy

    Turn the water supply off at the stop-cock?

    Or just buy a new hose.

    Premier Icon Murray

    Hoses are cheap to replace but I’d suggest the head may be blocked with limescale?

    If so, chuck it in a container with some descaler for 10 mins. If that doesn’t work, buy a cheap new hose and head.


    Just soak in vinegar overnight

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    go once in the morning, and once in the evening. Use their showers after your workout.

    You’ll look like Arnie 1978, and won’t have to worry about your shower, you are unlikely to even fit in the bathroom. 🙂

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    the hose is usually a flat washer seal, not a rubber O ring or taped thread (which would be added by tape). Chec you still have the flat fibre rubber washer at both ends. Failing that, buy a new one for peanuts.

    interestingly all hoses around the world are 1/2″ bsp fitting.

    Premier Icon sc-xc

    Thanks all, will check the head.

    I bought new shower washers from Homebase..the guy assures me they were the right thing.

    Thanks again


    New hose is about £10.

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