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  • Le Ride
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    If anyone gots Amazon Prime and wants to pass 90 minutes Le Ride is worth a watch.

    2 riders follow the path of the 1928 Tour de France on vintage bikes in memory of the first New Zeland and Australian team to enter the race.

    Pretty amazing the milage they were covering on single speed bikes and back then mainly on gravel roads.

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    That’s annoying, not available on Spain prime. I’m not much of a prime user but I thought you could still pay a quid to rent films no matter where they’re from

    Premier Icon eddiebaby
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    And if you like that then read Gironimo by Tim Moore where he rides the course of the 1914 Giro on period equipment. Wood wheels, cork brake blocks.

    A few details on the course:
    “The 1914 ‘Giro of records’ in numbers:
    Longest ever average stage length: 396.25km
    Smallest number of finishers: 8
    Highest percentage of retirements: 90%
    Longest individual stage by distance: 430km, Lucca–Rome
    Longest individual stage by time: 19h 34’ 47”, Bari–L’Aquila”

    A very funny book.

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    bob_summers I was under the impression you could rent/buy the movie if it wasn’t on prime?

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    +1 for the Tim Moore book. And indeed many of his other books.

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    Thanks op, watched this after seeing the post and it was excellent.

    I was wondering how long that took them, I thought there’s no way they’d done that in the 23 days given the length of some of the rides and at the end they said 28 days. I thought 5/6 weeks. Great effort 👍🏻

    Premier Icon breninbeener
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    We watched it too, and loved it!

    Top effort, some big day…200miles and 20,000ft ascent on bikes with 2? gears…fab.

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