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  • timber

    So, I’m left on my own in the house.
    All the things that you do on your own in a house are done.
    Then it was time for dinner, I am a perfectly competent cook, but just couldn’t be bothered. A quick browse of the cupboards…

    Tonights dinner has been:
    Starters: Crumpets and marmite
    Main: Crumpets and poached eggs
    Pudding: Crumpets and marmalade

    Was very nearly cake and rice pudding.

    Anyone got any similar lazy, weird, meals?

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Not wierd, but faced with a similar situation tonight I had sausages and chips. In the oven, have beer, have another beer, take food out of the oven and eat with another beer. Excellent.

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Although usually in this situation I don’t have chips and just have sausages and beans. nommmmmmmmmmmmm.


    Yup Mr MC at work, me feeling under the waether, naff all on TV! Heinz tomato soup with Ryvita (stale!) and marmite, then apple and blackberry tart with fresh raspberries and natural yoghurt for pudding. Lazy dinners are nice for a change.


    3 Pepperamis and a bag of Wine Gums.

    The king of lazy dinners…

    Beans on toast.

    Bloody amateurs. 🙄


    i’ve put the left over from yesterday into a sort of pasta/lasagne bake thing so when the GF gets home tomorrow i don’t have to waste time cooking…. so tonight it will be pancakes.

    i got home late last saturday and had nothing in the fridge or cupboards other than a pack of ginger nuts…. that was breakfast, luch and dinner all in one sitting with a cup of tea….. i was like a kid in a sweet shop come monday… in fact most of what i bought was sugar based and lacking in nutrients…

    Lady Gresley

    One of my favourite lazy dinners is grapes, cheese and Pringles 🙂


    sam – I hadn’t the attention span to safely do anything in the oven

    mc – do ryvita go soft or harder with staleness?


    Indeedy, same position me.. MrsBouy still UooopNorth, moi DarnSarf with empty fridge… Sooooooo…

    Butterbeans steeped/fried in fresh garlic (bulbs last forever, almost) teaspoon of “lazy chillies”, frozen garden peas thrown in at the last but one moment, ginger, 2 shakes of mirin sauce, 1 soy shake, clean steamed sticky rice..

    Max time 20mins which is just enough time to shower, open a bottle of white wine, PJ’s on and BBC4 Antartica – of ice and men.

    Super simple and quick.


    Phone Chinese Takeaway.
    Answer door.
    Eat food.


    If you could get a takeaway delivered to mine it would be cold by the time it got here.

    Quite like the bike buoy ad-hoc approach.


    Beans on toast or pasta with tuna, mayo, peas and sweetcorn. Or pasta with pesto, chicken, sweetcorn, peppers and peas.


    Salt and vinegar Pringles sandwich

    Red sauce of course.


    I phoned the chip shop to deliver this evening.

    I had battenberg for tea last week.


    Can’t get away with this sort of thing anymore as the gf won’t eat it. One of my worst attempts was pasta and gravy, that was awful!

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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