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  • Latest and Greatest Torch Lights?
  • skybluestu


    Can anyone recomend the latest and best ebay jobbie rechargeable torch lights that can be used on a bike? Cree XML type.


    Exposure Diablo for the bonce and Sixpack for the Bars. No wires no hassle….but not cheap!

    Premier Icon tomaso

    One of these generic Chinese Cree XML jobbies is hard to beat in terms of bang for your buck.
    DX XML

    I think I am going the Exposure route. I am sick of the cables on these chinese jobs breaking!! False economy IMHO.


    Ultrafire C8 XML-U3 torch… £14 with shipping (mounts are about £1.50, a charger £5, and cells about £2.50 or free if you have old laptop batteries). Mine runs at 2.45 amps FULL – so very bright for an hour – and 0.95 amps MED which is still usefully bright for 2+ hours… definitely the best torch I have. Coupled with a 501b XML on my lid and a backup 501b XML on my bars (£10 or less each) it gives me good lighting for under £50.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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