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    I was watching “50 things to eat before you die” and reminded of a story I heard back in the states years ago.. you^’ve heard how the condemned prisoners are allowed one final meal.. the story was that whatever they asked for is substituted for the nearest available in the prison canteeen.
    ask for steak , get hamburger
    lobster, fish fingers

    you get the point

    so… what would you like your last meal to be? ( how gruesome eh? )

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    Something (very) slow roast!

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    Nice bit of humus and lentils.
    Death would be a release.

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    jam bo, any particular clam then?

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    mmm clam

    I’d go for something simple like Shepherd’s pie. Imagine if you went for a favourite curry and it was cooked by a numpty chef and you had that repeating on you while goosing the angels. Not cool.

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