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  • Last call for front light – 4Fourth vs Trout
  • Luminous

    Well, soon, I expect to be able to offer a helmet light.

    Latest LEDs, XP-E or XP-G
    3 light levels
    Bar, helmet or head mount.

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    Trout is on holiday at the moment.Loving my mini it is fantastic,
    everyone who has seen it has commented on brightness/build etc.


    Almost went for Troutie's mini light as I want a helmet mounted death beam but I'm still umming and erring.

    The pros and cons seem to be:

    Troutie pros:
    Newer LEDs
    Everyone here rates them
    Possibly brighter?
    Has a medium mode – 4Fourth only has low or high

    4Fourth Pros:
    Cheaper (£195 vs £250)
    Same(ish) brightness
    Run time a fair bit longer (3.75hrs vs 2.5 on max)
    Possibly more suited to helmet mounting? The mount looks more sophisticated.
    They got back to me very quickly when I asked a few questions – Trout hasn't yet but to be fair, I only sent the email last night!
    Lipo batteries used by 4Fourth are possibly better than Li-ion ones?

    So now swinging back to 4Fourth.

    Can anyone help with anything more than just "Trouts are better?!"


    Luminous – how soon? Any rough specs/costs?

    I need to be patient and gather all the facts. Not a strong point of mine!


    Anyone got a URL for 4Fourth?



    Mail in profile.


    go for a troutie…………you know it makes sense

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    hey up Matt
    got your mail and replyed this morning though I am in tenerife and have shonky inet access
    but it did say message sent.
    there is a demo out there and I can get the last guy to borrow it to forward it to you for a try if you want.
    though it is an early one so only hi low


    Thanks for the four4th link – the XPG version of their light reviewed on muddymoles looks the business.


    Trout – sorry I didn't realise you were away.

    No hurry – more than happy to try one out when you return.

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    New USE Diablo?


    Not bright enough but a good call nonetheless.


    I like the mole review… basically any light with this kind of power is going to blow your mind on the trails.
    I like my four4th… but only have 8 year old lumi's to compare… and there is no comparison.
    Two modes is fine on a helmet light as you don't want to reach up and fiddle often. Low mode is good enough most of the time, high is for singletrack… job done.

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