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  • Laser cutting titanium
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    Anyone know a UK company that can laser cut titanium – that isn’t too expensive! Small quantities, roughly 200/400 small pieces at a time.

    We used to get stuff cut in China, but that option has dried up, so, looking locally, not expecting the same price as China, but something in the same ballpark would be good 😉

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    There was a bulk buy of some laser cut titanium grilles a while ago – Site is members only posting but you should be able to send a blatmail to the bloke who organised it.

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    dont caged laser still do titanium, made a hullaballo about making ariel atoms etc

    but theres a company called sheffield laser does it near us, dont expect china prices like you already mentioned though their min order is ok

    Premier Icon futonrivercrossing
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    Thanks guys – I’ll try those two out.

    We get stainless steel cut for 50p per piece (ring sized) in the UK. I’m expecting titanium to be more expensive, but hopefully not too much.

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    Caged Laser will do it
    And depending on thickness they may even have material in stock ?
    (its likely to be grade 9 though, so not cheap)
    01373 452866

    Premier Icon jonesyboy
    Free Member not sure if they do Titanium, but worth a call

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