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  • Large volume, high pressure 26" slick tyres?
  • duner

    Bontrager hank, big volume, totaly slick, about half the weight of a hookworm. Cheap too


    Ta, maybe I should have said semi-slick, would prefer a modicum of tread as it’s been known to rain and not being a road rider I can’t say I’ve ever ridden full slicks

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    I had some Schwalbe Kojaks for a while – they come up large for a 2″ tyre and are completely slick – were fine in the rain, tbh as the actual contact patch is fairly small so you don’t slide.

    I’d be wary of running very high pressures with mtb rim/tyre combo’s they’re not really designed for it.

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    Schwalbe 2.35 supermotos


    I would assume a tandem will come with rims that are capable for the high pressures. But have you checked?

    Not what you asked for but i like vittoria rubino pro 3 slick 26×1.5″. I run it @80psi but iirc it has a max of 95psi. Folding tyre so you can easily carry a spare and i find it tough as old boots. Not bad in the wet but not outstanding – more to do with the compound i think than the tread as the 700c treaded version is the same.

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    The hookworms are MASSIVE 2.5’s or some ridiculous width, I ride them on my play bike. Not quite slick but very fast rolling on Tarmac.

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    Schwalbe City Jet 1.9’s seem to come in a lot wider than that. They’re proper chunky slicks. I’ve been running them for years on the commuter at high pressure (Shwalbe say up to 85 psi). They have the added advantage of seeming to be completely puncture-resistant, and they’re cheap as chips


    Try-All 2.3″ – they come in big though (or they look like they do compared with 2.4″ treaded tyres). Not sure what pressure they’re rated at. I run them at 50psi.


    I’m looking for some new tyres for my tandem so I can take it touring – when I’m running it off road I’m using 2.4″ knobblies which aren’t ideal for road work, so am looking for some slicks around 2″ or bigger. The bigger the better, but would prefer a reasonably high pressure tyre so I am less susceptible to pinch flats. I think I’d like at least 65 psi, preferably something higher – 100 psi would be great but don’t know if that’s possible?

    those I know about include:

    Schwalbe Big Apple
    Schwalbe Crazy Bob
    Tioga City Slicker
    Maxxis Hookworm

    I think the max psi for most of these is around 55 to 65. Any other suggestions most welcome, cheers

    I have a pair of Vredstein T-Lope tyres. Ust 26 x 2.3 ,very lightly treaded much like a Furious Fred or a worn Racing Ralph.
    They roll really easily and inflate in a large rounded profile.
    Dont know about pressures but they wont be 60+ psi


    I have some Kenda Kiniption with are 2.35 wide and go up to 90psi, would have to check the tire, They are in good condition and can sell them cheap if you are interested.

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