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  • Large diameter lock on grips suggestions
  • Premier Icon uphillcursing

    I am a big fan of Oury grips among others. They are different to most MTB ones but in a good way I feel.

    Suspect I will come in for some ridicule for this but a fan I am.

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    Odi rogue , big grippy and good all day .


    Another vote for Oury. I’ve just fitted a set, and they feel really good despite the rather strange looking design.


    I also like Oury. They seem to be the biggest diameter out there.

    Premier Icon nuke

    +1 Oury Lockons on all my bikes. On-One sell them…


    I’ve got Lizard skins Northshore which are 33mm and I like them

    Premier Icon MSP

    The oury grips are a bit odd IMO, the knurled bit on the inside ruins them and basically reduces the size of the grips, if they just had the big blocks right up to the end they would be great, but because of that I prefer odi rogues.


    ODI Rogue
    Race Face Strafe

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    +1 for Oury again…

    I have the Ourys on my HT and Superstar Excel on My SS and I much prefer the Oury, both are thick section lock on grips, but the Oury grips seem softer in use they have more of the profile cut away (rectangular blocks with deep channels in between) which seem to help them deform a bit better…


    Forget about lockons and get some esi chunky or extra chunky. You can ride all day with no gloves and wont get blisters, can’t recommend them enough! No real drama to fit or re-fit either.


    Lizard skin north shore lock ons for me too…size 12+ hands.

    Premier Icon binners


    I’ve got hands like the gibbon that I am. And I find Lizard Skin North Shore are ideally chunky for the more Neanderthal gentleman

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    Doubtless I’ll be ridiculed for this but I rather like my *cough*superstar*cough* excel grips, 34x150mm, free haribo and cheap as chips.

    Premier Icon Clobber

    As Above really, lizard skin northshore, oury and my favourite ESI Extra Chunky


    My current lock on grips that I had to buy in an emergency are too small and causing me extra strain to grip them.

    They are Funn Combat II I think 30mm

    Any suggestions for replacements?


    I’ve got large paws and have tried quite a few different grips over the years, however two stand out for me – Lizard Skins Chargers, which mould nicely to your hands and are extremely comfy on long rides and ODI Vans grips, which are nice and chunky.

    Premier Icon _daveR

    I tried the ESI grips and really liked them. They do damage easily, but I find them very comfortable and don’t get any numbness.

    I do fancy a custom Grey/Gold set of Northshores though.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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